How To Withdraw From Access Bank ATM Without Card

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I’ve taken the time to investigate and determine what works. There are more methods of cash withdrawal available to you if you do not have an ATM card. Any day or time when you are without money, follow the instructions below to withdraw cash from an ATM.
This also alleviates the tension and anxiety associated with the possibility of your card being stolen by crooks. I’ve been enjoying cardless withdrawals from bank ATMs for a long time. Permit me to share some wonderful news with you.
This is compatible with any other bank ATM card. Therefore, if you find yourself in an unfamiliar location, you can access a bank ATM. Apply the same procedure to any accessible ATM card.

The following is a step-by-step explanation on how to withdraw cash from an access bank ATM without using an ATM card.

How To Make A Cash Withdrawal From An Access Bank ATM Without Using A Card Using A USSD Code

Prior to that, I’ll discuss this technique. To begin, you must enable Access bank’s mobile banking service ( ussd banking). You must have enabled the usage of ussd codes in order to conduct banking transactions. If you haven’t already, read our comprehensive guide to Access Bank USSD Code ( Mobile banking Codes)

After activating your access bank mobile banking codes, follow the steps below to make a withdrawal from your access bank ATM card.



• From your phone, dial *903# and pick the “Withdraw Money” option.

• Select “ATM Withdrawal” from the menu.

• Enter the transaction’s amount and confirm it using your PIN.

• Upon successful withdrawal, you will receive a transaction code. Maintain a copy of the reference code.

• Identify the closest Access ATM.

• To make a cardless withdrawal, press ‘0’.

• Select Access Money and enter your phone number, the amount you wish to withdraw, and the transaction code you got.

• Be patient as your cash is dispensed.

Utilize the Bank’s Cardless Withdrawal Service Through the Mobile App


Here is another straightforward method for withdrawing cash from an access bank ATM without using your ATM card. Prior to proceeding, you must have an active access bank mobile app account. If you have your Banking ID, login, but if you haven’t read the entire article, click here to access the Access Bank Mobile Banking App.

• Access your mobile banking dashboard by logging in.

• Make a cardless withdrawal selection.

• Select an account if you have more than one bank account with access.

• Enter the desired withdrawal amount.

• Enter the one-time withdrawal password supplied to your phone and the transaction pin.

• You will now get an email confirming your withdrawal was successful. That is your withdrawal reference code.

• Locate and withdraw money from any ATM that accepts cardless transactions.

• Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase. Ascertain that you are entering the correct reference code.

• Then, wait for your cash to be dispensed by the ATM.

How to Make a Cash Withdrawal Through an Access Bank Agent Without Using an ATM Card


If you find yourself in a situation where access to a bank ATM is not possible. However, you have access to meet with a bank agent. When you come across an access bank money agent, simply follow the procedures below to make a withdrawal without using your ATM card.

• Visit any of our Access Money Agents in your area.

• From your phone, dial *903# and pick the “Withdraw Money” option.

• Select “Agent Withdrawal” from the drop-down menu.

• Enter the Amount, Agent Code, and PIN to validate the transaction.

• You will receive an SMS notice after your transaction has been completed.

• Collect the money from the agency.



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