How To Withdraw From ATM Without Card

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In Nigeria’s banking industry, cardless withdrawal is the talk of the town. Each bank in Nigeria is presently developing and improving. Ecobank is not excluded; they recently launched Ecobank cardless withdrawal. Therefore, if you’ve been looking for a technique to withdraw money from an Ecobank ATM without using your ATM card, you’ve come to the perfect spot.
Eco bank cardless withdrawal was intended to assist you in withdrawing cash from an ATM when you do not have your card with you. I’ll demonstrate how to withdraw money from an ATM card without having your ATM card in this post. This advice is available exclusively to Eco bank customers. On this page, you may get further bank guides.

Therefore, there is no need to be concerned if you forget your ATM card. This article will assist you. Discover how to withdraw money from an ATM without using your ATM card.


Cardless Withdrawal through Ecobank’s Mobile App

You may use their smartphone app to withdraw money from an Ecobank ATM without needing a card. This mobile application was created to simplify banking procedures for you.



To begin, you must establish an account for the mobile app. I’ve developed a comprehensive tutorial to assist you in creating and activating the Ecobank mobile banking app. Proceed with the instructions below if you already have an account with them.

• Sign in to your mobile banking app.

• Then, from the menu, choose Xpresscash.

• You will be presented with two options: an express point agency or an ATM. Proceed by selecting the ATM option.

• Select the account from which you wish to make a withdrawal.

• A unique eight-digit pin/token will be created automatically. This token is good for a period of three days.

• Once you’ve obtained the eight-digit token, visit the nearest ATM and follow the instructions below.

• On the ATM machine, press Enter and select Xpresscash.

• Then input the eight-digit pin and follow the remaining steps.

• Then, patiently wait for your cash to be dispensed by the ATM.

How To Withdraw Money Without Using A Card From An Ecobank ATM Using USSD Codes

• Locate an Ecobank ATM in your area and then follow the procedures below.

• To begin, you must enable Ecobank ussd codes banking on your smartphone. If you haven’t already, have a look at our guide to Ecobank’s USD code. Then follow the instructions below.

• Dial *326# and choose the cardless withdrawal option.

• Select the Xpresscash payment method.

• Then produce an e-token, which is typically eight digits long.

• On the ATM, hit Enter, then choose Xpress cash.

• Enter your e-token and follow the withdrawal instructions.

• Once the transaction is complete, wait patiently for the ATM to disburse your cash.



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