How To Withdraw Money From ATM Without ATM Card | Keystone Bank Cardless Withdrawal Code

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Are you aware that you may withdraw money from an ATM without using your ATM card? There is no need to be concerned if you forget your ATM card. I’ll explain how to activate and utilize the keystone bank cardless withdrawal code in this article. Cardless withdrawal enables you to make ATM withdrawals without using your debit card.
It’s quite simple and secure. Therefore, if you’ve been wondering how to use your phone to take money from an ATM. This page covers the entirety of the instruction.

Keystone bank has created many banking solutions to assist its customers in enjoying convenient and safe banking. On this page, I’ve examined a variety of keystone bank’s digital platforms. You may now access mobile banking and do a variety of other functions.

Cardless withdrawal is one of the mobile banking capabilities offered by keystone bank. It alleviates your anxiety about your ATM card falling into the wrong hands. Cardless withdrawals from Keystone bank decrease fraud and prevent hackers from accessing your information.

As a keystone bank customer, you may utilize this technique to withdraw funds from any keystone bank ATM or any ATM that supports cardless withdrawals.



How to Make a Cash Withdrawal from a Keystone Bank ATM Without Using an ATM Card

To begin, you must activate mobile banking on your keystone bank account. If you haven’t already, read the whole guide to keystone bank’s USSD code. Then follow the steps below.

This approach is compatible with Keystone Bank ATMs and other banks’ ATMs that provide cardless withdrawals.

• Enter *7111#

• Click on ‘Other Services’.

• Select ‘Credit Cardless Withdrawal’

• Click on ‘Account Number’.

• Enter the amount you wish to withdraw (minimum amount is N1,000)

• Create a four-digit personal identification number (PIN) for use with the ATM.

• Confirm by entering your four-digit USSD PIN.

• Notification of Success/Failure

Receive a message with the paycode/digits for cardless withdrawal.

• Locate the nearest ATM and choose CARDLESS PAYCODE.

• Enter the paycode and 4-digit PIN that was generated.

• Remain patient as the ATM verifies your information and disburses your cash.


You may now assist a buddy who is lacking an ATM card. Create the pay code and transmit it to the individual. Then instruct him to pay out using the instructions above at the local ATM.



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