How To withdraw Money From ATM Without ATM Card

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Are you looking for a way to withdraw money from your sterling Bank account without using your ATM card? This article will demonstrate how to withdraw money from an ATM without using an ATM card, and how your Sterling Bank account will be debited. Sterling Bank Cardless withdrawals have been implemented to alleviate the burden associated with carrying an ATM card. Cardless withdrawals assist you in the event that you lose your ATM card.


If you lose your ATM card and are stuck or in need of cash, you can use this service. Never fear, the sterling bank cardless withdrawal Code will assist you. Learn how to use your phone to make an ATM withdrawal.


The withdrawal process is straightforward; this is one of the advantages of mobile banking. Are you aware that your phone is capable of more? Sterling bank has provided mobile banking services to assist you save time and money when banking.


You may now conduct financial transactions from the comfort of your own home using your mobile phone. Do not be alarmed if this sounds unusual. This page is devoted to resolving all of your mobile banking concerns. We’ve created a unique guide to sterling bank mobile banking, similar to what we’re doing currently for cardless withdrawal. You can obtain further information and reading material from us.


The Advantages Of Using Sterling Bank’s Cardless Withdrawal


  • The service is accessible at any time of day or night on all ATMs that support cardless withdrawals.
  • Without a debit card or an ATM card, you can withdraw money.
  • Simple and secure means of rescuing a friend or family member who is stuck or out of cash without an ATM card.
  • Prevents you from experiencing the tension of your ATM falling into the wrong hands.
  • How to Withdraw Cash from an ATM Without Using an ATM Card or a Debit Card

To begin, you must activate your device’s Sterling Bank mobile banking codes. This is achievable using the sim card associated with the creation of your sterling bank account. If you have not yet activated USSD banking, please see our tutorial on Sterling Bank Mobile Banking Codes. Then follow the procedures below to conduct a cardless withdrawal.


  • *822*42#
  • By tapping option 1, choose produce token.
  • Choose the pin of your preference.
  • Re-enter the pin to confirm.
  • Your phone will be texted with a payment code.
  • Locate the closest ATM equipped with cardless withdrawal or quickteller.
  • If the ATM is a Sterling bank ATM, press enter and pick Sterling money. However, if the ATM is from another bank, pick the pay code. Then input the 12-digit code that was sent to you.
  • Enter your phone number, the amount of the withdrawal you requested, and hit proceed.
  • Patience is required as the ATM verifies your information.
  • Your money will be deposited after it is validated.


The maximum amount that may be withdrawn in a single transaction is 20,000 naira. Keep your pay code secure. Utilize this code during the calendar day in which it was produced.



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