How To Withdraw Money From Polaris Bank ATM Without ATM Card

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Do you have a Polaris Bank account? In this post, I’ll teach you how to withdraw money from an ATM without a debit card. Your Polaris bank account will be charged. If you’ve been looking for a way to make Polaris Bank Cardless Withdrawal, you’ve come to the right place. This cardless withdrawal code is intended to assist you when you do not have your ATM card.



This approach may be used to withdraw money from Polaris bank ATMs and other banks’ ATMs that have the quickteller option activated. Many individuals want to know whether they may withdraw money from an ATM using their phone. It is quite easy. You must first activate Polaris bank transfer code on your smartphone.





As a Polaris Bank customer, how can I withdraw money from an ATM without using my ATM card?





You must first activate mobile banking on your device. This will be done using the same sim card that was used to open your bank account. If you haven’t yet enabled mobile banking on your smartphone, check out our Polaris Bank USSD Banking Code instructions.


  • Dial *322*8*Amount# for instance if you wish to withdraw N10,000 dial *322*8*10000#
  • Follow the on screen instrumentions and generate your one time pay code ( always 12 digits). It will be sent to you in a message.
  • Now location nearest Polaris bank ATM or any bank ATM that has cardless withdrawal enabled.
  • Press Enter button on the ATM.
  • Then select Paycode
  • Now you will be requested to enter your pay code that’s the 12 digits reference code.
  • Some ATM will also request for your one time 4 digits pin and your ATM card pin. Input it and proceed.
  • Enter the amount you requested for withdrawal and your ATM card pin
  • Now wait patiently for the ATM to verify your details and dispense cash.

Do you know that you can save your stranded friend’s life? If he or she is not with ATM card to withdraw money. Generate the pay code, sent it to him/her and give him your pin to withdrawal with any ATM available.





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