I Got Scammed On Google Pay (How To Recover Money)

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If you’ve been ripped off on Google Pay and want to know how to get your money back, this article is for you.

Google Pay is one of the most important financial apps for mobile devices. Millions of transactions are made with it every day, and it is known for being fast and safe.


Even if a site is safe, it doesn’t mean that its users can’t be scammed online. This could be because the users don’t know or are afraid of the tricks that scammers use to steal their money.

If you’ve been scammed through Google Pay, then this article is for you.



Before you can figure out how to get your money back from Google Pay, you need to know how to keep hackers and scammers from taking your money.


So, here are some things you can do to avoid getting ripped off on Google Pay:

• Don’t send money to people you don’t know and trust.

This is the first thing you should think about before sending money to someone. Someone you know and trust is less likely to try to scam you or your money.


So, you should always be aware of who you are paying when you send money.


Another important thing to think about is who you share your Google Pay information with, especially sensitive information about your Google Pay.

Enter your information on a website that you don’t trust, such as your debit or credit card information, your identification number, your bank information, or your password or passcode.


• Don’t use money transfers to buy or sell anything.

This is also another way to avoid payment scams on Google Pay and keep from sending money right away in exchange for a product or service.

If you’re dealing with an online store that wants money before the product is sent, make sure you know enough about it. You can check several review sites to find out if the store is legit or a scam.

Most people who try to scam you will offer you a service or ask you to put up some money so that you can make a lot of money. You should be aware that these methods are nothing but a scam.


• Don’t get apps that ask for your Google Pay information.

Some apps may ask you to sign in with your Google Pay information before you can use the app’s feature.


Your Google Pay details are private, and you shouldn’t give them to anyone else unless you’re making a payment on a shopping site you know for sure is legitimate.

So, when you see apps like this, you should uninstall them instead of buying them to save money.



Now that you understand how easy it is to avoid scams in the future, how can you get your money back from Google Pay if you were scammed?

There are several ways to get money back from Google Pay. Here are some of them:


Talk to the store owner

If you were scammed when you ordered something online and didn’t get the product you ordered, all you have to do is contact the merchant to get your money back.

Since the merchant’s main goal is to scam you out of your money, you probably won’t get any money back. Since this way of getting your money back may not be as effective as the second way, you should just use that one.



This way of getting money back seems to work better, but it can take longer for the money to go back into your account.

Requesting a chargeback just means that you don’t agree with a particular transaction. When you ask for a refund, the amount of money you paid will be taken from the merchant’s account and put back into your account.


But if you don’t agree with a Google Pay transaction, you can do the following:

• Step 1: Open the Google Pay app and sign in.

• Choose the transaction you want to dispute in Step 2.

• Step 3: Please note that the option to “Raise Dispute” will be available two days after the date of the transaction.

• Click on Raise Dispute in the fourth step.

• Click “I Agree” in Step 5.

• Tap Continue in Step 6.


So, Google Pay will have to look into the dispute. After some time, you will get your money back, but as I said before, it can take longer to get your money back this way.



Yes, if you were Scammed, you can get your money back. If you were scammed online, you can just talk to your bank about the charges.

You can do this by calling your bank’s customer service centre or by disputing the transaction through the Mobile App.



Yes, Google Pay does Chargeback. However, you have to wait two days after the date of the transaction to ask for a chargeback.

Chargeback is supposed to be the last thing you try before giving up on getting your money back.

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