Internship – Nuances in indigenous knowledge and science-based recommendations and effects on soil fertility management by International Fertilizer Development Center

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Farmers are often referred to as rational and make decisions based on their indigenous knowledge and expected utilities from adoption. Farmers’ experience, local knowledge and indigenous practices have over the years defined the behavior of the farmers towards agricultural practices and activities, including soil fertility management. The promotion of inorganic fertilizers and its nutrient stewards are less adhered to by farmers. This indicates a clear gap between what scientific evidence suggests and the actual practice of farmers. Bridging these gaps would enhance effective fertilizer use and higher returns.

  • Assess the indigenous knowledge and science-based recommendations on soil fertility management
  • Examine the resistance, adaptation and adoption of science-based recommendations on soil fertility management
  • Identify healthy collaboration among farmers and scientists on soil fertility management strategies.


This student shall collect primary data in the Northern and North East regions of Ghana. With support of the Economist of FERARI, the student shall be required to provide a clear study methodology including sampling procedure and sample size for this research.


At the end of the research, the student shall produce a report to FERARI on this research and extract the most important findings in a policy brief. The student would also be assisted to produce a research article that can be published in a scientific journal for our wider international audience.


An MPhil/MSc student in Agricultural Economics, Development economics or Sociology. Applicant must have completed his/her course work and ready to start the research component. The applicant must demonstrate high analytical and data processing skills, especially with the use of STATA and Microsoft Excel.


The duration for this assignment shall be seven (7) months. The student is expected to deliver specific activities within the following timeline (student can propose a revision to the timeline).

Activity Timeline
Proposal writing Weeks 1-4
Methodological and Literature review Weeks 5-8
Data collection Weeks 9-10
Data analysis Weeks 11-14
Report writing Weeks 15-22
Policy brief writing Week 26-27
End of activities Week 28

  Closing Date :November 15, 2021


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