iPhone X Unlocked: specs and price

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As smartphones became more popular, the demand for the iPhone X unlocked grew. Popular smartphones are often sought after for their features. The unlocked iPhone X carries all the features of other iPhones like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

However, the iPhone X is more reliable than previous models because it features a glass back that helps to prevent wireless signal interference.

If you’re looking to get an iPhone X unlocked, it’s worth looking at where you can get hold of one. You can check our full iPhone X review for details on its current price.

Key Features of the iPhone X unlocked

The unlocked iPhone X is the same as the carrier iPhone X’s. However, it offers more range as you can choose to use your phone with any carrier sim you choose.

The iPhone X unlocked comes with a dual back camera and 7MP front camera, iOS 11, A11 chip, face identification, and 256 or 65GB in built-in storage. It is the first iPhone to offer an OLED 5.8inch AMOLED display and 458 PPI pixels for a spotless visual display.

The iPhone X unlocked arrives with 4GLite, Qi wireless charging backing, 3G RAM, face identification. It also comes with a TV, voice memos, iBooks, podcasts, compass, proximity, and ambient sensor.

Interestingly, people with disabilities also get to enjoy the best of iPhone X unlocked.

Accessibility Features for People with Disabilities

Voice Over, TTY software, locked captions, magnifier, and switch control for people with disabilities. Its other features include an A11 bionic apple chipset, 2176 mAh in-built Li-ion battery, iTunes store, Safari.

Although the iPhone X comes with a 5.8 display screen, its body is way smaller and lighter than its rivals for easy carriage. The iPhone X unlocked produces outstanding results, and it’s also fully loaded with the latest smartphone tech, so you’re making the right choice.

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