Is Shooting All Virus Game Legit? Review From Experience

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70% of you heard about the all-virus shooting game. You’re more likely to see a game ad online or through word-of-mouth. Download and play the all-virus shooting game to win real money. Kill viruses to win cash prizes.

People ask if shooting an all-virus game is legit online. Is it worthwhile? How much can I earn monthly?

This guide aims to answer all of the above questions and help you earn with Shooting All Virus.


Is Shooting All Virus Game Legit?


Shooting all viruses is legit but not for everyone. They pay low-deposit users. They pay $5 faster than $200. Don’t rely on this app to pay you. I accumulated $200 but wasn’t paid.



Many apps in the app store promise cash rewards, but you can’t always see proof. The shooting all virus game is similar, and you can’t see what people think of it because the app is still in “early access” on Google play.

I played the “shoot all viruses” game because I love the concept, not for the rewards. I thought the game’s owners didn’t make enough money to pay everyone hundreds.

There are legitimate money apps and games on the app store that pay you for your time, but I don’t think shooting all viruses is one. The app has no legal obligation to pay users.

The game is fun to play, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get paid. The rate at which players accumulate cash is alarming. You could win $50 in the first hour of playing, for example.

I won $200 and tried to withdraw. What? Unpaid. I kept playing for fun, won more money, and was never paid. I’ve withdrawn $200, $500, and $1,000 in cash rewards.

I tried to play fairly for the game’s concept, but the developers never do.

Shooting All Virus Overview

Shooting all viruses earns players lots of cash. As we all know, viruses are often considered bad or harmful which makes it one of the reasons why the game is addictive or fun to play.

Most people who learn about the app online are drawn to its tempting offers, such as the chance to win $100 gift cards every month and the option to withdraw to PayPal. The online ad always says it’s easy to make a few bucks instantly, but the app clarifies that you must follow its terms and conditions to get paid.

The fact that it’s easy to make money with the shooting all virus game doesn’t guarantee its legitimacy. Many apps on the Google play store promise to reward you with cash and other prizes if you spend time on their app performing certain tasks.

Wondering if the app’s a scam? More info below!

Anyone can download shooting all viruses and play to win cash prizes. The shooting all-virus game requires no deposit or purchase.

The game says you can withdraw earnings after $200. You can earn over $200 in a short time by killing viruses in this fun and addicting game.

The shooting all virus game has over 100,000 downloads on Google Play. You are not alone in your quest to make money with the shooting all-virus game if you recently downloaded it.


Install the app on your phone first. You may need to head over to your app store to download the app if you don’t have the app installed on your phone. No membership is required. You won’t have to pay anything to start playing and winning money.

You shoot viruses. You must aim and fire game balls at the viruses. It’s a fun game, and if you aim and shoot well, you’ll earn more.

You aim to reduce the virus to a minimum, but the game gets harder. Every human who tries the game should find it challenging, which explains why it gets harder as the virus shooting progresses.

The game’s design keeps you playing. Watching a short video ad can boost game speed, for example. The game gets harder as you play, but it’s fair because you get more virus-fighting tools.

You can also use the laser cannon or bomb to damage viruses. You can use the virus any day and watch a video ad to get more cannon and bombs.


If you need more balls to fight viruses. Look at your screen’s top for a blue button. You’ll get 10 free balls when you click the button.

Earn More With The Shooting All Virus Game


The shooting all virus game is fun for all ages and can earn you a few bucks. Collecting and redeeming game coins can earn you extra rewards. Virus elimination earns coins and cash. You can withdraw cash anytime and convert coins to cash later.

Unlocking the treasure chest can earn you more money than shooting all viruses. The treasure chest can be unlocked with game points and a short video ad.

How To Receive Payment?

When you’ve accumulated enough cash and coins, you can withdraw them. You must have 280,000 coins before claiming rewards. You can convert 280,000 coins to cash or a gift card for $5.

Rewards can be withdrawn to PayPal. Shooting all-virus game minimum withdrawal is $200. You can withdraw $1,000. Is shooting all viruses legit? ”


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