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It’s not often that French entertainers get so much attention, but Jalil Lespert is one French actor who is breaking this trend. What did he do with his life? Who does he marry, and what movies has he been in?

This article is all about Jalil Lespert, a French actor. How do you know about him?

If you haven’t heard much about him, get ready or maybe get a cup of coffee and ask what the best information is about him.

Jalil Lespert’s Biography

Let’s read Jalil’s biography to find out more about him.

Jalil Lespert was born on May 11, 1976, in France. He is a French actor, screenwriter, and director.

Lespert first went to law school to make his mother happy. His mother is a lawyer and judge from Algeria, and his father is an actor from France.

But acting made him more interested.

Who is the wife of John Lespert? We’ll figure it out.

Career Beginning

In 1995, beside his father, Lespert made his acting debut in Laurent Cantet’s movie Jeux de plage.

In 1999, Jacques Maillot’s film Nos vies heureuses gave him his debut leading role.

The next year, Jalil Lespert was in another Cantet film called Ressources Humaines. He was nominated for a César Award in 2001 for Most Promising Actor for this role.

His acting career took off, and he appeared in a number of movies in a variety of roles, such as a sensual gardener in Sade, an addicted bodybuilder in Vivre me tue, a boxer in Virgil, an avant-garde artist in Alain Resnais’s Pas sur la bouche, a journalist in Robert Guédiguian’s Le Promeneur du Champ de Mars, etc.

He appears on the French TV show Pigalle, la nuit as a guest star.

Lespert directed the 2007 movie 24 mesures, which starred Benoit Magimel and Sami Bouajila.

Des vents contraires, which came out in 2011, was Magimel’s second movie as a director. Audrey Tautou and Isabelle Carré were also in the movie.

Wife of Jalil Lespert

Who is the wife of Jalil Lespert? Is he tied down?

He married Sonia Rolland, who had been Miss France, and they had a daughter named Kahina.

Jena and Aliosha are also his, but they are from a previous relationship.

What movies by Jalil Lespert can you watch?


Since the start of his career, he has been in a number of movies.

Bella Ciao, L’ennemi naturel, The Young Lieutenant, Yves Saint Laurent, Les Amateurs, Not on the Lips, and many more Jalil Lespert movies are available.

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