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Kapil Wadhwan Wiki: Kapil Wadhwan is an accomplished Indian entrepreneur, businessman, and investor.

Kapil is well known as the Chairman and Managing Director of Deewan Housing Finance Limited (“DHFL,” India’s largest financing company).

Kapil previously served as the company’s executive director before being appointed to chairman.

Kapil Wadhawan of DHFL has been charged with 34,615 crore fraud.

Following the Neerav Modi and Shipyard fraud, a new bank fraud of Rs.34,615 crore has been reported in India.

The fraud was committed by India’s largest financing company, DHFL, which is led by chairman Kapil Wadhwan.

The CBI investigates the fraud after receiving a complaint from the Union Bank of India.

According to Union Bank, the consortium has extended loan facilities totaling over Rs.42,000 crore to DHFL since 2010, with Rs.34,615 crore still due.

Later that year, the loan was classified as a non-performing asset (NPA), and in 2020, it was classified as fraud.

Wiki and Biography of Kapil Wadhwan

tycoon of business Kapil Wadhwan was born in the early 1970s. He was born somewhere in the country of India. He is 48 years old right now.

He completed his primary and secondary studies as well as his college study at the Edith Cowan University Joondalup Campus.

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Wife and children of Kapil Wadhwan

Kapil Wadhwan is a married man. He has been married to Vanita Wadhwan for a long time.

The couple has two children: Kartik Wadhwan, a son, and Tiana Wadhwan, a daughter.

Wadhwan, Kapil

Siblings and parents

Rakesh Wadhwan (father) and Aruna Wadhwan (mother) gave birth to Kapil Wadhwan (mother). He has an older brother named Dheeraj Wadhwan.

Nationality of Kapil Wadhwan

Being an Indian citizen Kapil is of Indian origin.

Kapil Wadhwan’s Salary

Kapil, as you may know, is a well-known business mogul with a net worth of Rs.3000 crore.



Kapil Wadhwan’s Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Who is Kapil Wadhwan?

Kapil Wadhwan is a businessman from India.

Q.2 What is Kapil Wadhwan’s age?

Kapil is 48 years old right now.

Q.3 When and where was Kapil Wadhwan born?


Kapil was born in the year 1974.

Q.4 How much money does Kapil Wadhwan have?


Ans. Kapil has an estimated net worth of Rs. 3000 crore.

Q.5 What is the nationality of Kapil Wadhwan?

Ans. Kapil is of Indian origin.

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