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American YouTuber, musician, life coach, image consultant, dating guru, and social media influencer Kevin Samuels is well-known. He had a sizable piece of land in Los Angeles where his showroom was located.

You can learn all about Kevin Samuels’ parents right here. Who are the parents of Kevin Samuels? What race does Kevin Samuels belong to?

Kevin Samuels Age, Wiki, and Biography

On March 13, 1965, Kevin Samuels was born. He was born in the American city of Atlanta, Georgia. He goes by the name Kevin Samuels, which is also his birth name. For his senior year of high school, Kevin attended Millwood High School.

He obtained his degree from the University of Oklahoma and is very qualified. His zodiac sign is Aries, and he practises Christianity.

You can find out everything about Kevin Alcarez in this blog, including his wiki, biography, age, ethnicity, parents, wife, net worth, and more.

Death of Kevin Samuels

On May 5, 2022, Kevin Samuels passes away. He only passed away at the age of 56. No social media platform has the precise reason for his passing; as soon as we learn it, this page will be updated.

Kevin Samuels’s age and life story

In 2022, Kevin Samuels will be 56 years old.

We will now discuss his religion, which is Christianity.

Kevin Samuels’s ethnicity and nationality

Now that we have discussed Kevin Samuels’ parents, it is time to discuss his racial heritage and nationality. We would like to inform you that Kevin Samuels is of Black ethnicity. He is of American descent.

Who are the parents (father and mother) of Kevin Samuels?

We will learn about Kevin Samuels’ mother and father in this paragraph. There was no mention of his parents. omits to mention his sibling’s social media accounts as well.

Wife of Kevin Samuel

Unmarried Kevin Samuels was. The name of his ex-wife was omitted. Social media platforms did not display his wedding date. Now let’s talk about his kids. This pair has a daughter, but she was not given a name. He had a daughter on June 29, 2000.

Height and weight of Kevin Samuels

If we discuss Kevin Samuels’ physical characteristics, we can state that he is 86 kilogrammes and 5 feet 10 inches tall.

what Kevin Samuels is worth

People are looking for Kevin’s net worth right now. We’d like to let you know that he has a net worth of roughly $3 million.

Q&A Regarding Kevin Samuels

What is Kevin Samuels’ name?

Ans. American YouTuber, musician, life coach, image consultant, dating guru, and social media influencer Kevin Samuels is well-known.

Q.2 Who is the wife of Kevin Samuels?

Ans. The name of Kevin’s ex-wife was omitted.

Q.3 What country is Kevin Samuels from?

Ans. American nationality is what Kevin Samuels is.

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