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Keystone bank is one of the great financial institutions in Nigeria. Their major aim is focused on giving their customers the best. As the new trend of digital banking is on. They are not left out, this guide have been written to help you master keystone bank digital banking.

Last time, I wrote a guide on keystone bank mobile banking ( keystone bank transfer codes ) – the use of USSD codes to perform bank transactions. This article, will focus on internet banking for keystone users and how to use keystone mobile app for banking operations.

Features Of Keystone Bank Online Banking 2022


  • You can review and verify your transactions.
  • You can print account statements
  • Inter and intra banking – easy fund transfer
  • Easy recharge credit and bill payment
  • Full access to loan calculator and view loan access
  • Order for ATM cards ( MasterCard, Visa or verve) and cheque books.
  • Full account control

Requirements For Keystone Bank Nigeria Internet Banking

  • You must be a keystone bank account holder. Be it current or savings account
  • The phone number and email that you used to open the access bank account must be active
  • A smart phone is required ( android, IOS etc)
  • Active ATM card

Keystone Bank Internet Banking Registration




Learn how to register for keystone bank online banking. Follow the process below to get your profile ready.

  • Visit the nearest keystone bank and request for internet banking application form. OR CLICK HERE to register by yourself online. Make sure you enter your details correctly.
  • After successful online registration, jump to second to the last step.
  • If you visited the nearest banking office, do the following.
  • Now, fill the form and submit bit back to them. Make sure that you enter your correct details. Use your active phone number and email address linked to your keystone bank account.
  • Once they finish creating your account, you will receive login details as an email message. Now you can login with the details into your internet banking account.
  • To login into your account CLICK HERE, you can ask well change your password to what you can remember easily. Please keep it safe and secure.
  • Now you are good to go, start making transactions with the online platform.


Download Keystone Bank Mobile App

If have created your internet banking profile then use the direct link below to download Keystone bank Internet banking app. Download, install and login with your internet banking password and username.


For Android Users – CLICK HERE

For IOS ( IPhone ) – CLICK HERE

Features Of Keystone Bank Mobile Banking App

  • Open an account instantly
  • Bank on the go with our chat Bot
  • Know your relationship officer
  • Book a fixed deposit instantly
  • Instant foreign currency transfer
  • Set up recurring bills payment and transfers
  • Buy movie tickets



Keystone bank is one of the best banks in Nigeria. Their main goal is to make sure their customers get the best service they can get. As the new trend of digital banking grows, so does the number of people who use it. They are not forgotten. This guide was written to help you learn how to use digital banking at Keystone Bank.

Last time, I wrote a guide on how to use USSD codes to make bank transactions on your phone. This time, I’ll show you how to use them. This article will talk about internet banking for keystone users and how to use the keystone app for banking.

Keystone Bank’s online banking features will be different in 2022.

You can check and double-check your transactions.
If you want to print your account statements, you can do that.
It’s easy to move money between and between banks.
An easy way to recharge your account and pay your bills.
It means that you can use the loan calculator, and you can also see your loans.
Order ATM cards (MasterCard, Visa, or verve) and cheque books from the bank, as well as cash.
Full control over your bank account is what you want.
For Keystone Bank Nigeria’s Internet Banking, these are the rules.
You have to have a keystone bank account to do this job. If you have a current or a savings account, it doesn’t matter
When you open an access bank account, the phone number and e-mail you used to do so must be active.
It’s important to have a smart phone ( android, IOS etc)
In order to use an ATM, you need to have a
Registration for Keystone Bank’s online banking service

Learn how to sign up for online banking with keystone bank. Check out the steps below to make sure your profile is ready to go.

Visit a keystone bank and ask for an internet banking application form. OR YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOURSELF. Make sure you put in the right information.
After registering online, go to the second to the last step and finish the process.
If you went to the nearest bank, do the following.
Now, fill out the form and send them back. Make sure that you put in the right information when you fill out the form. Use the phone number and e-mail address that are linked to your keystone bank account to call and e-mail.
As soon as they finish setting up your account, you will get login information in an email that you can open. Now, you can log in to your online banking account with the information you have.
In order to get into your account CLICK HEREYou can also ask us to change your password to something that you can remember quickly. Keep it safe and sound.
Now that you’re ready to go, you can start making transactions with the online platform now.

Take a look at the Keystone Bank app on your phone

You can use the direct link below to download the Keystone bank Internet banking app if you already have an account on the internet. Download, install, and log in to your internet banking account with your password and username.

Here is the link for Android users: CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE for iOS (iPhone)

Features of Keystone Bank’s app for its mobile banking service
Open an account right away.
Bank while you’re on the go with our chat Bot.
Know who your relationship officer is so that you can help them.
Book a fixed deposit right away.
Instant transfer of foreign currency
Set up recurring payments and transfers for your bills and other money that you need to pay.
Tickets for the movie can be bought at the movie theater.




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