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Goswami, KK KK Goswami, his wife, is a well-known Indian actor and television personality. He has nearly finished three decades in the acting business.

Goswami is well-known for his roles in several Indian TV serials, as well as Gujarati, Marathi, and Bengali plays and films.

Wife and children of KK Goswami

KK Goswami is a married man. He married Pinku Goswami many years ago. They have two kids.

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Age and Biography of KK Goswami

On September 3, 1973, versatile actor KK Goswami was born. He was born and raised in Muzzafarpur, Bihar.

Krishnakant Goswami is Kk’s full name, and he is 48 years old. He is currently residing in Mumbai with his family.

KK was bullied by his friends and relatives due of his height when he was little, but his parents always stood by him.

He eventually decided to become an actor and has already finished a 27-year onscreen career and has garnered numerous honors like the Star Pariwar Award, Zee Rishtey, and many more.

Family KK Goswami

There is no information available on KK Goswami’s family background. He shares a home with his wife, Pinku Goswami, and their two children.

Height of KK Goswami

Goswami stands at 3 feet 1 inch tall. KK had been teased about his height since he was a toddler.

Net Worth of KK Goswami

As a talented actor who has been in the industry for a long time, KK Goswami has amassed a substantial net worth of Rs. 1 Crore.



KK Goswami’s Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Who exactly is KK Goswami?

KK Goswami is a well-known Indian actor and television personality.

Q.2 Who is KK Goswami’s wife?

Pinku Goswami is KK Goswami’s wife.


Q.3 Where is KK Goswami these days?


Ans. KK Goswami now resides in Mumbai with his family.

Q.4 What is KK Goswami’s age?

KK Goswami has reached the age of 48.

Q.5 Where does KK Goswami come from?

KK Goswami was born in Muzzafarpur, Bihar.

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