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It’s a common question for people who use Union Bank. They want to know how to enroll in Magic USSD Mobile Banking, pay bills, transfer money between Union Bank and other bank accounts, make a pay-code and PIN, buy airtime for themselves and others on all major networks and check their balances on the go.

For this post, we are going to talk about all the Union bank ussd codes that can be used for financial transactions from any location, both at home and abroad, as long as their alert number is roaming.

Union bank *826# transactions are free, seamless, and fast, and they are also safe because they need a PIN to complete them. It has been a commercial bank in Nigeria for over 100 years, and now the bank has made the process for customers to sign up very simple and easy to do. Just dial *826# to sign up. The registration is only done when you call the numbers for the first time and enter your name and phone number.

Here is a list of the UBA *919# USSD Code for all transactions: Take cash out of your account without putting it in your wallet. Buy airtime. Register.



In order to use this service, you don’t need to have a lot of data. You will be charged N6.98 by your mobile network service provider for using *826# for transactions. People who pay the fee don’t have to pay VAT. VAT will cost N0.52.

USSD transactions aren’t subject to the charge. People who buy airtime and data through *826# aren’t charged this fee on USSD platforms.

In order to save money, use the UnionMobile app to pay your cable bill, buy airtime and data and transfer money. You can do this from the comfort of your home or while you’re out and about.

How do I sign up for Union Bank *826#?

Please dial the *826# string again to get the agreement message again so that you can move on.

This must be done from your phone number that is on the bank’s system.

To find out about this new charge, dial *826# or any other *826# string. You will be told about it then. You must choose 826 to move on. This is a one-time deal.

How do I send money to Union Bank?

*826*1*Amount*Account No## is the phone number for Union Bank account holders who want to transfer money to another Union Bank.

Suppose you want to transfer 5000 to your friend bisoye, and her account is with union bank. To do this, dial *826*1*5000*6745235798#.

Other banks can get the money.

To move money from Union bank to another bank, like zenith, Polaris, Gtbank, and many more, you can call *826*2*Amount*Account no# to do it.

How do you buy airtime for your own use?

Call *826*Amount# to buy airtime for the phone number that is linked to your Union Bank account.

Suppose your phone number is 09055553115 and you want to buy a recharge card worth N1000. You can do this by dialing *826*1000#.

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Buy airtime for other people

To buy airtime for your family or friends, or for a number that isn’t linked to your bank account, dial *826*Amount*3rd party mobile phone number to buy it. No#

Suppose you want to buy N1,000 worth of airtime for Ngozi, and her phone number is 08064641345. You can do this by dialing *826*1000*08064641345#, which means you’ll get N1,000 worth of airtime.

Union bank account balance: How do I check my account balance at Union Bank?

To check your union bank account balance on your phone, dial *826*4#. If your phone is linked to your account, you can do this. Your account balance history will show up on the screen when you are done with it.

When you don’t have a debit card, you can still get money out of a Union bank ATM.

1. To get money out of a union bank ATM without a debit card, customers need to call *826*7*amount# and then enter the amount they want. Afterward, the bank will send you a code for 2. Then, go to any Union Bank or ATM Machine that has a paycode that works without a card.
It’s now time to touch any key and enter your code. Then, follow the screen’s instructions to get your money.

Your Union bank account can’t be used.

Union bank customers can easily block their account in two ways if their account is hacked or if they lose their ATM card or cell phone.

1. Call *826*6# to remove the union bank account from your phone number.
2. Call *826*6*mobile number# to block your account from other phones.

Management of cards (block and unblock card)

To block your Union bank debit card and get your card back, dial *826*21#.

Asked how to get a loan from a new bank

You can apply for a union bank payday loan or salary advance if you are already a customer by dialing *826*41#.

Data is bought.

To buy data from your union bank account, call *826*9#.

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Union Bank: How do I raise my withdrawal limit?

To raise your Union Bank withdrawal limit, dial *826*8#.

mCash: *826*22*merchant code *amount##

Then ask for a debit card

To get a Union bank ATM debit card without going to the bank, you can call *826*21#.


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