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I’ll describe the unity bank transfer code in this article. Unity Bank’s USSD code has simplified transactions for account holders. At the conclusion of this piece, you will discover how to transfer money from unity bank to another bank, as well as how to utilize unity bank mobile banking. This page discusses how to check the balance of your unity bank account, how to purchase airtime from unity bank, and much more.
Unity bank is one of the most successful commercial banks in Nigeria, contributing significantly to the country’s economic growth. They are well-known for providing excellent customer service to their clients. We’ve taken the time to thoroughly research all you need to know about unity bank mobile banking codes.


This article will teach you how to use your mobile phone to send money, purchase airtime, and pay bills from the comfort of your home. This is incredible and has simplified banking. There is no longer any need to visit an ATM or a bank to do transactions.




Guess what, there are no further requirements; all you need to do is read this post, “Unity bank USSD code for all transactions.”

How to Register a Bank Transfer Code 2021 for Unity Bank

You’ll discover how to activate the unity bank transfer code or the unity bank mobile banking code in this section.

• On your phone, dial *7799#. This must be accomplished using the phone number associated with the unified bank account.

• Now, follow the on-screen instructions. While registration, you will be prompted to enter your account number and select a transaction pin.

• Bear in mind that some digits from your ATM card will be required.

• If you have successfully finished the process, welcome to unity bank mobile banking using USSD codes. You may now do transactions using your phone.


How To Send Money Using Unity Bank’s USSD Codes


To send money using your phone, follow the instructions below. This must be accomplished through the use of a phone number associated with your unit’s bank account.

Simply dial *7799*1*Account No*Amount# (e.g. *7799*1*1234567890*10000#) to transfer funds to a Unity Bank account.

Unity Bank Transfer Code To Another Bank


Use the code below to send money from unity bank to another bank account holder, such as GTbank, First bank, or UBA. As long as the account holder is not a customer of unity bank.

Simply call *7799*2*Account No*Amount# (e.g. *7799*2*1234567890*10000#) to transfer to another bank’s account.


Banking with the Unity Bank mobile application

To make a money transfer using the unity bank mobile banking app. If you haven’t already, CLICK HERE to get the app. Activate your mobile transfer after downloading and successfully installing the app. Now, follow the steps below to make a money transfer using the Unity Bank Mobile app.


• Create an account using your user name and password.

• Select the “Transfer” tab.

• Select Self-Linked Transfers, Unity Bank Transfers, or Other Bank Transfers from the drop-down menu.

• To debit an account, choose “Account number.”

• Complete the remaining beneficiary information.

• Select “Next”

• Type in the six-digit code issued by your token device.

• Click the “Authorize” button.

Limitation on Unity Bank Transfers

Unity Bank’s USSD transfer code has a daily cumulative maximum of 100,000 naira. This implies that you are only permitted to transact up to 100,000 naira every day. You will require a mobile application to complete the transactions listed above.




Code for the Unity Bank Balance Check

To check the balance of your unity bank account, follow the instructions below.

• To check the balance of your Unity bank account, phone *7799# and

• click the ‘check account balance’ option.

• Now, confirm your request by entering the last four numbers of your ATM card or USSD banking PIN.


How To Purchase Union Bank Airtime Using Your Phone

Purchase Airtime Using Your Union Bank Account – To recharge from your union bank account, dial *826*amount#, for example, to recharge 2000 naira, dial *826*2000#. Your account will instantly be credited with 2000 naira.

Union Bank Third Party Recharge Code – Dial *826*amount*recipient’s mobile number# to recharge another phone number or for another person. To validate your recharge, enter your secure PIN or the last four digits of your ATM card number. Once the transaction has been authorized and successfully completed. The receiver will immediately get airtime.



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