Lists of UBA *919# USSD Code for all transaction: Transfer, buy airtime, withdrawals, account statement

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The United Bank of Africa USSD lets people who have an account with UBA do financial things without limits. Transfer money, pay bills, buy airtime for yourself, your family, or other people you care about, pay for your flights, and check your account balance all from a phone linked to a UBA bank account.

Do you want to learn how to use United bank of Africa’s USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) to open an account, buy airtime, change your PIN, and more? If so, keep reading, because it will give you search answers to the above question.

Not an app or software, but a code that you dial from your phone that is linked to your bank account, the UBA ussd code isn’t. SMS alerts also need to be set up, and the number you are dialing the code from must be on your account or prepaid card.

Before Uba customers can do business with Etisalat and MTN, they don’t need to have any airtime to do so. Soon, Etisalat and Airtel will be done. For other services, telco charges for USSD use may apply.



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What can you do with UBA’s USSD Code?

*919# isn’t just for transferring money from UBA to UBA or to any other bank in Nigeria. It can do a lot more than that! They also have some other functions, like the following:

To open a UBA bank account: 1. To transfer money; 2. To buy airtime; 3. To buy a data bundle; 4. To pay bills; 5. To see UBA Mini-account statements; 6. To pay them, and so on.

This is a list of the features and benefits of the UBA bank USSD Code

1. It works on all types of phones.
2. It is quick and easy.
3. You don’t need to have a lot of space on your phone to send money.
4. It lets you send money to any Nigerian bank account.
A lot of people use it because it has high transaction limits of up to N1 million per day.

How do I sign up for UBA USSD? (Magic Banking)

Users of UBA can either sign up with a UBA Account or with a UBA Prepaid Card.

1. To sign up, please dial *919# to see the Main Menu and choose the option that best fits your needs.
2. Then, make a four-digit code for transactions.
Finally, you can set up a PIN and start using the UBA USSD banking service.

How to open a UBA account: *919#

Use the ussd code *919# to open a bank account with UBA and follow the steps. Your account number will be sent to your cell phone number. The best way to get the most out of your new account is to go to the UBA branch closest to you and show your ID. This will allow your BVN to be linked to the account.

How do I move money from UBA? Code *919# is a way to use a ussd code.

By activating the magic code with their phone number, United bank of Africa customers can quickly move their money. They can do this with the UBA mobile banking. Bank accounts and pre-paid cards from other banks can be sent money to. You can also send money to UBA accounts and cards.

1. On your mobile phone, dial *919#. 2. Follow the pop-up instructions to activate your Sim card; 3. Get yourself a UBA transfer PIN; 4. Send money to someone else with the PIN; 5.
When you’re done setting up your PIN, you can use the UBA USSD banking services.

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Send money to an account with the UBA.

Please dial 919*3*the account number and the amount you want to send to UBA from your UBA ACCOUNT. Then, follow these simple steps.

The UBA Prepaid Card can be used to send money to someone.

UBA Prepaid Card: Dial *919*32# from the phone number you set up with UBA.

Send money to different banks

To send money to other banks, like GTBANK, Access bank, Polaris bank, Fidelity bank, you need to use a service like this. Dial *919*4*the account number and the amount you want to transfer from the phone number you registered with UBA. FCMB and other banks do the same thing.

Use the USSD code *919# to buy Airtime from UBA.

Use *919# to top up airtime on your phone and for anyone else in any telecom, like Airtel or MTN. You can also use it to top up someone else’s phone.

Buy a card for your sim that has airtime or recharge money on it. This card will link to your account.

It’s easy to get airtime or recharge from the sim card that is linked to your UBA Bank account. To do this, dial *919*amount# on your registered mobile line (like *919*1000#).

Is there a way to buy Airtime or a recharge card for someone else?

*919*Phone Number* Amount#: *919*08123456789*1000#

Find out how much money is in your UBA account.

It’s easy to check your UBA account balance from anywhere, as long as your phone number is on roaming. Dial *919*00#, and you can check your account balance from anywhere.

On UBA USSD, how many transactions can you make?

1. PIN – N20,000 per transaction and per day. 2. Cash – N10,000 for each transaction and each day.
N1m for each transaction and every day (for customers with token but no indemnity)

Note: You can only buy airtime for N5,000 a day, and the only PIN authentication is to enter your phone number.

I lost my PIN. I want to change or reset my PIN. How can I do this?

Use the phone number *919# to change or reset your UBA ussd Pin if you forget it. Then choose “PIN Setup.”

Use the UBA *919#Ussd code to pay for a flight.

*919# is UBA Magic banking, and it’s used to book great flights. The ussd code to book your flight ticket is *919*12#.

2. Enter your Magic Banking PIN and choose which bank account you want to pay from.
Select the airline and enter the flight PNR (Passenger Name Record)
3. Enter the passenger’s phone number and the amount of money he or she owes, then click “Save” (Passenger Name Record)
That’s it. Flights are paid for.

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UBA’s USSD Code To Make a Cardless Withdrawal.

Cardle withdrawal is when you don’t have your debit card with you when you go to the UBA ATM Machine and take money out. Dial *919*30*Amount# on the phone linked to your account to get the amount you want to pay.
Enter your PIN.
3. Choose the account that will be drained.
4. Make a one-time PIN code that can only be used once.
You’ll get a code from UBA that you can use to get the money you need from the ATM.

When you visit any UBA ATM machine or any other bank ATM station that allows you to withdraw money without having your card, do so.
7. Press any button there, and a number of features will be shown on the screen of the machine.
8. Then, type in the 0-14 digit withdrawal pin code you came up with in step 7.
9. Enter how much money you want to get from the ATM. Wait patiently for the ATM to check your information before giving you your money.

Use the UBA USSD Code to pay your bills.

You can pay for DStv, Start Times, and GoTV from the comfort of your own home by dialing *919*5# on your phone. Then follow the instructions that appear on your phone screen.

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