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Ljube Velevski Wiki:- Ljube Velevski was found guilty of killing his wife, Snezana, and their three children, Zaklina, who was 6, Daniela, who was 3, and Dijana, who was 3 months old. The throats of all the dead people were cut.

He also said that his wife, Snezana, killed three of their children and then killed herself. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing the family, but he is now free.

Ljube Velevski Released from jail after 25-year

Ljube Velevski was given a 25-year prison sentence for the murders of his wife and three children. During that time, his wife and three children were killed. His wife’s name was Snezana, and the names of his children were Zaklina and Daniela and Dijana for the twins.

The killings happened in a suburban house with three bedrooms in Berkeley, Wollongong, New South Wales. At the time of the killings, his parents lived with him and his family.

Sunday morning, June 19, 1994, he got into a fight with his wife, Snezana.

Ljube Velevski Wiki, Age, Biography

Ljube Velevski got a prison sentence for killing his wife and three kids. It’s not clear when he was born. His place of birth is also not said. No one knows how old he is. No one knows what sign he is. No one knows where he comes from.

We don’t know anything about Ljube’s high school or college.

Ljube Velevski ‘s Parents, Siblings

His parents had him in Mission Viejo, California, which is in the United States. But no one knows the name of his parent. No one knows what his parents do for a living. We also don’t know much about his sibling.

Ljube Velevski ‘s  Wife

Now we’re talking about whether or not he’s married and how his relationships are going. He was already married. Snezana was the name of his wife. He has three kids named Zaklina and two sets of twins named Daniela and Dijana.

Ljube Velevski Nationality and Ethnicity

No one knows where Ljube Velevski comes from. We don’t know what race he is.

FAQ About Ljube Velevski

Q.1 Who is Ljube Velevski ?

Answer: Ljube Velevski was put in jail for killing his wife, Snezana, and three of his children.

Q.2 How old is Ljube Velevski ?

Ans. Ljube Velevski ‘s age details are not known.

Q.3 When is Ljube Velevski born?


No, nobody knows when Ljube Velevski was born.

Q.4 Who is Ljube Velevski ‘s parents?

No, nobody knows who Ljube Velevski’s parents are.

Q.5: What country does Ljube Velevski come from?


No, no one knows where Ljube Velevski is from.

Q.6 Who is Ljube Velevski ‘s wife?

Ans. Ljube Velevski ‘s wife name was Snezana.

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