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American pitcher Lucas Giolito plays professionally in baseball. He competes for the Major League Baseball team Chicago White Sox (MLB).

He was also drafted by the Washington Nationals in the first round of the 2012 MLB draught. He began his Major League Baseball career in 2016 with the Nationals. It has been noted that his fastball can reach 100 mph (160 km/h).

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Parents and siblings for Lucas Giolito

We will now discuss his parents. Rick Giolito is the name of his father. Lindsay Frost is the name of his mother. Both his mother and father are actors. His siblings’ whereabouts are unknown.

Wife of Lucas Giolito

Giolito, Lucas, is a married man. His wife is Ariana Dubelko. They were wed in 2018. Information about his children is unknown.

Contract with Lucas Giolito; Injury

Lucas Giolito signed a one-year contract worth $7.45 million with club control and arbitration eligibility through 2023. In order to avoid arbitration, he and right-handed pitcher Lucas Giolito have reached an agreement on a one-year, $7.45 million contract for the 2022 campaign.

The White Sox ace was listed on the 10-day injured list for Tuesday (retrospective April 9) with an abdominal strain, despite the fact that he is feeling much better every day.

Lucas Giolito Biography, Wiki, and Age

American pitcher Lucas Giolito plays professionally in baseball. He goes by Lucas Frost Giolito in real life. His birthday is July 14, 1994. In Burbank, California, he was born. As of 2022, he is 27 years old. Unknown is his religion.

He graduated from the Harvard-Westlake School. The University of California, Los Angeles, is where he received his degree.

Height and weight of Lucas Giolito

The height and weight of Lucas Giolito are 6 feet 5 inches and 104 kg, respectively.

Nationality and Ethnicity of Lucas Giolito

It is unknown what ethnicity Lucas Giolito belongs to. He is an American citizen.

Q&A Regarding Lucas Giolito

How do you define Lucas Giolito?

A professional baseball pitcher from the United States is named Lucas Giolito.

Who is the wife of Lucas Giolito?

The spouse of Lucas Giolito is Ariana Dubelko.

3. What is Lucas Giolito’s age?

A: As of 2022, Lucas Giolito will be 27 years old.

4. Who are the parents of Lucas Giolito?

Rick Giolito is the father of Lucas Giolito. Lindsay Frost is the name of his mother.

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