Maurizio Zanella Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, Parents, Height, Net Worth

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Maurizio Zanella is a well-known businessman and wine expert from Italy.

Zanell is well-known for starting and running the top wine company Ca’del Bosco.

His company is one of the best in the world at making the sparkling Franciacorta DOCG wine.

Maurizio Zanella Wiki, Age, Biography

Maurizio, who makes wine, was born around 1956. He was born in Bolzano, Italy, and grew up there. Zanell is 66 years old right now.

After a while, he moved to Lotta Continua, where he finished his high school education at a private school.

After getting into the Liceo Volta, he became a communist while he was still in school.

Zanella went to Collegio Rosmini for college and got a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

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Maurizio Zanella Wife

When it comes to Maurizio’s relationship status, he might be married. But he never talked in public about his relationship or marriage.

Maurizio Zanella’s Parents, Siblings

Albani Zanella (the father) and Annamaria Clementi (the mother) had Maurizio (mother).

His father was a freight forwarder, and his mother started a wine business when she bought a two-hectare estate in 1962.

Maurizio Zanella Height, Weight

When Maurizio’s physical measurements are talked about, his height and weight are not mentioned.

Maurizio Zanella Nationality, Ethnicity

Since he was born in Bolzano, Italy, Zanella is an Italian citizen. No one says what kind of person he is.

Maurizio Zanella Career

Maurizio got his first job after he finished college and took over his mother’s wine business.

He became the head of Ca’del Bosco and put all of his time and money into it.

In 2009, Zanella was elected President of the Consorzio per la Tutela del Franciacorta. He held this position for 7 years.

Maurizio Zanella’s Net Worth

Maurizio Zanell has a net worth of $50 million. He is a well-known winemaker and the head of a company.

In an interview, Zanella said that the business made about 1.8 million and 800 thousand bottles and made €40 million in sales.


FAQ About Maurizio Zanella

Q.1 Who is Maurizio Zanella?

Answer: Maurizio is a businessman and winemaker from Italy.

Q.2 How old is Maurizio Zanella?

Maurizio is 66 years old right now.

Q.3 Where is Maurizio Zanella from?

Answer: Maurizio is from Bolzano, which is in Italy.

Q.4 Who are Maurizio Zanella parents?

Maurizio’s parents were Albani Zanella (the father) and Annamaria Clementi (the mother) (mother).

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