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Are you a Mauritius resident who wants to apply for MCB IB (Mauritius Commercial Bank Internet Banking)?
That is an excellent suggestion. If you can’t defeat them, join them, as the old adage goes.

In Mauritius, MCB is the undisputed king of internet banking.

Every MCB IB user now uses internet banking for a variety of purposes.

You don’t have to walk to a bank or stand in long lines merely to make a short transaction with MCB Bank internet banking (IB).



However, once you have a bank account with Mauritius Commercial Bank, you are able to apply for the online banking service.

Furthermore, while registration is simple, you would agree with me that some people may apply difficulties applying for it.

To jump to the section you want to read, use the table of contents below:

If you’re one of these people, don’t be concerned. In this position, you are not alone. We’re here to assist you in registering in a more convenient manner.

If you’re looking for information on how to register for the MCB IB, keep reading.

Internet Banking Requirements for Mauritius Commercial Bank (2022 MCB IB)

The following prerequisites must be met in order to register for the MCB Internet banking service.

1. You must already have an MCB IB bank account.

2. A birth or marriage certificate is required.

3. A CEB, CWA, or a Mauritius Telecom Bill as proof of your location.

Perhaps you are a tenant, and your proof of address is in the name of your landlord.

Do not be concerned; your landlord will send you a note.

A copy of your landlord’s National ID card should also be included.

In Mauritius, How Do I Apply For A MCB Internet Banking Account?

If you want to apply for MCB internet banking, the process is simple and takes only a few minutes.

To apply for MCB IB, follow the steps below:

1. Select your Mauritius national identification card.

2. Include a copy of your birth certificate or marriage certificate.

3. You must also have proof of where you will be staying. This has to be a utility bill, whether it’s for power, phone, or something else.

4. If the document is not in your name, include a letter from the person whose name appears on it, as well as a photocopy of his or her National ID.

5. Double-check that the phone number you used to create your MCB IB account is still valid.

6. Make an application for MCB Internet banking at any Mauritius Commercial Bank branch near you (IB).

7. You will be assisted by a bank counselor in completing your application.

8. You will be automatically enrolled.

9. You will receive a message on your phone with your MCB internet banking Pin Code once your MCB IB application has been approved.

How to Get Started With MCB Online Banking (MCB IB Account)


Create an MCB IB Account

You can also register for Mauritius Commercial Bank’s internet banking service online by following the easy steps below:

• Make a note of the phone number associated with your MCB IB account.

• Don’t forget to bring your MCB Card and PIN.

• Visit now.

• Internet Banking will appear in the top right corner; click on it.

• You will now be directed to the MCB IB login page.

• If you’ve already registered with MCB, enter your login information.

• If you want to continue your Mauritius Commercial Bank internet banking registration, click Register to internet Banking.

• Follow the instructions on the next page to register for your MCB IB.

This is how you apply for or register for internet banking with Mauritius Commercial Bank.

After you’ve completed the registration process for MCB online banking, the next step is to log into your account.

In the next section, I’ll show you how to access your MCB internet banking account in 2022.

How to Access Your MCB Bank Internet Banking Account (MCB IB Account)


To access your bank account online, go to

To access your MCB internet banking account, follow the instructions below:

• Go to in your browser to access the MCB IB website.

• Select Internet Banking from the drop-down menu.

• You will be redirected to the Mauritius Commercial Bank internet banking login page.

• Fill in your login information.

• It’s critical to double-check your bank account balance after each transaction.

How can you check the amount of your MCB internet banking account now?

If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to the next section.

In Mauritius, how can I unlock my MCB Internet Banking (IB) account?

To unlock your Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) internet banking account, follow the procedures below:

Step 1: If you remember your MCB bank account password, you must request that it be unlocked by your administrator.

Step 2: Call 202 6060 to have them assist you in unlocking your internet banking account.

Step 3: If you’ve forgotten your MCB IB password, you’ll need to complete out the F1286C form to get your account unlocked.

How to Check the Balance of Your MCB IB Internet Banking Account Online

To check your MCB bank account balance, follow the steps below:

1. Go to and type in

2. Go to internet banking and select it.

3. Type your User ID and Password in the boxes provided.

4. Select Login from the drop-down menu.

5. You can check your account balance once you’ve logged into your internet banking account.

That’s how simple it is to check the balance of your MCB Bank account online.

If you’ve added multiple accounts, select the one you’d like to view the balance of.

How to Use Your MCB Bank Security Token to Authorize Transactions

Here’s how to use your MCB Bank security token to authorize a transaction:

1. Log in to your MCB IB account dashboard.

2. Select the Authorize Transaction option from the drop-down menu.

3. After that, change to the token.

4. Enter the PIN for your MCB Token.

5. In the next box, enter the token’s seven-digit number.

6. After that, click the token.

7. Type in the MCB internet banking token that appears on the screen.

8. Finally, give your approval to the transaction.

That’s all; your MCB IB Bank security token has successfully authorized a transaction.

How to Recover or Reset Your MCB Internet Banking Password in the Online Environment

It affects everyone, and you may forget your password at any time.

You can’t access your internet banking account without your password, as we all know.


Password recovery for MCB IB

Don’t worry if you’re in this situation. I’ll show you how to rapidly retrieve your password.

To retrieve your Mauritius internet banking password, follow these steps:

1. Go to to access the MCB Internet Banking login page.

2. Next, select the Can’t log in option.

3. You’ll be taken to the next page, which will present you with a number of items to consider.

4. Make a list of the issues you’re dealing with.

5. Reset your password by following the on-screen instructions.

6. Once you’ve finished, you’ll receive an email with a temporary password.

7. Now go to your MCB internet banking account and log in.

8. After you’ve logged in, change your password to something more permanent.

This is how you may recover or reset the password for your Mauritius internet banking account.

How to Use Mauritius Commercial Bank IB Online Banking to Make Bulk Payments

You can use the internet banking facility to make bulk payments to your employees as a business.


Bulk Payments using MCB Online Banking

To make bulk payments, follow the procedures below:

• Open a commercial bank account in Mauritius.

• Sign up for MCB IB.

• Go to your online banking account and sign in.

• Fill out an application for the bulk payment feature.

• Make an Excel page with all of your employees’ information.

• Go to the MCB internet banking dashboard and upload the Excel file.

• Last but not least, authorize the payments.

Using the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB IB) internet banking facility, you have successfully issued bulk payments to your employees.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Online Banking? [Update for 2022]

The internet banking banking provided by Mauritius Commercial Bank is one of the greatest in the internet.

Their online banking services provide a number of features that you won’t find with other banks.

The internet banking service of Mauritius Commercial Bank has the following features:

1. Use your MCB internet banking account to open an account online.

2. You can transfer money between linked accounts in a matter of seconds.

3. You can create a pending order, which will complete your transaction automatically. I told you it was unique.

4. You can easily send money to your credit and prepaid cards.

5. You can access your banking statement from anywhere at any time.

That’s all there is to know about Mauritius Commercial Bank’s internet banking, or MCB IB.



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