Mervant Vera (America Got Telent 2022), Wiki, Age, Biography, Parents, Wife, Children, Height, Net Worth

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Rapper, magician, and mentalist Mervant Vera is from the United States. He is a well-known America’s Got Talent 2022 participant. In 2021, he participated in America’s Got Talent 2022. Morvant dazzled the judges with an incredible performance.

He is a content creator as well as a software technician. He has written a lot of hip-hop songs and is a hip-hop songwriter.

We’ll talk about Mervant Vera Wiki here. The Mervant Vera was who?

Mervant Vera’s biography, age, and wiki

A well-known American rapper is Mervant Vera. His birth year was 1988. As of 2022, he will be 33 years old. In the United States, he was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, he completed his schooling at a private school. He received his degree from a Pennsylvania private college.

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siblings, and parents of Mervant Vera

We will now discuss Mervant Vera’s parents. The names of his parents remain unknown.

Mervant Vera’s Spouse and Kids

Now let’s discuss Mervant Vera’s marital situation. Regarding his romantic life, we are unsure. He wants to keep his love life a secret because he is a very private person.

Height and weight of Mervant Vera

Mervant Vera is 70 kilogrammes tall and 5 feet 10 inches wide.

Mervant Vera racial & nationality

Mervant Vera is an American because he was born and reared in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. His racial origin is unknown.

Worth of Mervant Vera

Rapper Mervant Vera is an American who will compete on America’s Got Talent in 2022. His estimated net worth is unknown.

FAQs Regarding Mervant Vera

What is Mervant Vera’s name?

Ans: Mervant Vera is a well-known American rapper who competed on America’s Got Talent in 2022.

What is Mervant Vera’s age?

Mervant Vera will be 33 years old in 2022.

3. What country is Mervant Vera from?

The answer is that Mervant Vera is an American citizen.

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