Most Effective Ways to Change a Plagiarized Essay


Long gone are the days when theses, term papers, essays, and other types of student papers were written using copy-paste. Now it is no longer enough to download a ready-made essay, correct it a little, and represent it as your own and unique. Anti-plagiarism services help teachers fight unscrupulous students. To determine the uniqueness, the capabilities of such online platforms as text.tu, Advego Plagiatus,,,, etc. are widely used. And if a paper is determined to be copied and plagiarized, it will not be accepted by teachers.


However, pay attention that getting someone to write your essay without plagiarism is easy today. Every writer of the online service is ready to provide quality help and do your essay, as well as any other college paper, at affordable prices. Finding someone to complete your assignment is not difficult on this website. The main thing is to leave a request and the manager of the company will contact you as soon as possible.

But If you want to independently learn how to modify a plagiarized essay to become unique, you should carefully study the provided material.

8 Best Ways to Increase Your Essay Originality

Below we will consider a few tricks that can help you increase the percentage of originality of your paper.

Create a Unique Text Structure

To increase the percentage of your essay uniqueness, study similar works on the Internet, try to define and change their structure, change the writing style. Insert your thoughts and opinions in the text. Do not copy paragraphs and sentences, it is better to swap them but, of course, not to the detriment of the meaning.

Use Your Own Authoring Text

The surest way to make your text unique is to write it yourself. Study several sources on the topic, then put aside all the literature and start writing a new essay with your own stylistic and lexical techniques.

Do Not Use Common Expressions and Statements

When creating an original essay, use phraseological units and catchphrases as little as possible. Minimize the number of quotes from famous people, if possible, change them into indirect speech. Words like “firstly”, “secondly”, “thirdly”, etc., should be replaced with numbered lists.

Use Synonyms

To increase the uniqueness of the text, replace words marked as plagiarism with synonyms. There are many programs on the Internet for the selection of synonyms, the so-called “synonymizers”. But you must be careful when using them. This is due to the fact that the meaning of the text after processing may change since the programs do not recognize the topic of the work.

Use Foreign Sources

Knowledge of a foreign language can help you well in writing a unique text. Find foreign literature on a topic that interests you and translate it into English. With a high degree of probability, the text will be unique.

Use Images

To increase the percentage of originality of your essay, you can use images. Systems for detecting plagiarism do not recognize them.

Use the “Fresh Look Technique”


Analyze your text constantly, and always think about who will read it. Get off work for a while, and then go over your essay with a fresh eye – all inharmonious pieces, all roughness will immediately catch your eye. Correct and rewrite fragments of the text in your own words, without checking the sources – this will help increase the percentage of uniqueness of the text.

If you have time, enrich your vocabulary, read more good literature – this will always come in handy if you need to write essays on a regular basis.

Originality Enhancement Service

All the above methods to increase the originality of the text require no small effort and time spent and do not always lead to the desired result. The easiest and most reliable way to make your essay unique is to use a specialized service. In just a few minutes, you are guaranteed to be able to increase the percentage of uniqueness of your essay up to 80-99%. At the same time, all styles, designs, and text will remain unchanged!

Ways Not to Use to Increase the Percentage of Uniqueness

Among the variety of techniques and tricks, there are ways that have exhausted their relevance and are ineffective today. Among the methods under the taboo are the following prohibited techniques:

  • Substitution of characters. Of course, if you put the Russian letter “c” instead of the English letter “c” in the text, the uniqueness will only go up. And visually, if you remove the automatic correction and underlining, the difference is not visible. But if you use any test program, the number of errors will be outrageous. Therefore, this method of enhancing uniqueness is not recommended;
  • Abuse of parasitic words, water, epithets, and synonyms. As tools for improving small fragments, these tricks have a place to be. But in the context of a large segment, it is very striking and gives the text illiteracy;
  • Use of automatic hyphenation. If you use automatic hyphenation when writing an essay, the algorithm recognizes the separated parts as separate words during verification. The percentage of originality does not improve much;
  • Insertion of white characters. Earlier, students added various symbols to the free field and painted them white. Visually, this is difficult to detect but uniqueness programs detect it quickly;
  • Replacing Cyrillic letters with Latin letters. The similarity of some letters in the alphabets of different languages allows replacing the Cyrillic alphabet with Latin letters. The developers got rid of this vulnerability long ago, so the method no longer works. Some services, for example,, recognize such replacements and display them in the scan results.


So, as you can see, there are many ways you can change your essay to make it more unique. However, not all of them are useful. Try to use only effective methods and in no case use outdated methods that plagiarism checking systems have long learned to detect. This will allow you to create quality and highly original texts.


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