MTN code to check Data and Airtime account balance, Subscribe to social media, transfer airtime and data and data referral

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People often ask how they can find out how much money they have in their MTN Telecommunications account. If you want to get an answer quickly, don’t call customer service. Instead, search on Google.

MTN Nigeria has shown off a power pack that will let people check their account balances even if they are on a postpaid or prepaid plan. Using the magic code, customers will be able to get a summary of their airtime, Voice and Data bundle, and bonus balances in a Flash message. You would also get a text message with a detailed breakdown of all active balances, which would be sent to your phone.

Data Referral, Goodybag social, and data gifting have also been added by MTN. These are packages that are only for their customers. As the fastest-growing and most well-known networks in Nigeria and Africa.

They buy Data and Airtime from MTN on a daily basis, and they want to see if their Airtime or Data balance has been updated.



Checking your MTN Nigeria airtime and data balance is easy with this guide. It shows you how to do it. Goodybag has a social plan, data and airtime gifting, and you can get 10% of the data bundle activated when you make a friend’s friend buy one of these things.

To find out how much money you have in your MTN account, read this.

To see how much data MTN Nigeria has left, you can dial *131*4# or text “2” to 131. This is the easiest way to find out how much money you have in your account on the MTN network at a single call.

One: Please dial *559# to see how much money you have left in your MTN bonus account.
SMS: send 2 to 131.
3. USSD: dial *131*4# to use this service.

It tells you how much airtime you have left.

Call *558# for postpaid service and *556# for prepaid service to check your MTN Nigeria telecom Recharge or Airtime balance.

How can I get 10% of the data bundle from MTN for less money? ReferralL to your friends and family so that they can use it, too

Users of MTN can get 10% of their data bundles when they refer friends and family to the service. Know someone who hasn’t used their MTN line for the internet in 30 to 365 days? They should buy a data bundle.

In this video, I show you how MTN DATA ReferralL works.

You can tell your friends about us through the following:

When you dial *131*1*Referred Phone Number# on your cell phone, you can send a text message to that number, too.
REF(space)Referred Phone number can be sent by text message (space)

You will get a 10% bonus on the first data bundle that each person you refer buys. The person you refer will also get a 50% bonus on the data bundle that they buy.

Call *131*1*Referred Phone Number# now to get the data referral service for them. Note: You can only send in 10 phone numbers for Data Referral in a day, and there is no service charge for sending referrals to my Data Referral service.

A social media plan for MTN called GoodyBag Social is what they use.

This plan, called GoodyBag Social Bundles, allows MTN customers to use their favorite social media apps like Facebook, Eskimi, WeChat, 2GO, WhatsApp (Voice and Video Calls are not available), YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok at low prices. This plan is also called the MTN Social Media Plan.

For as little as N25 per day, N50 per week, and N150 a month, customers can sign up for social bundle plans that allow them to use apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Ayoba, WeChat, Vskit and Eskimi. They can also buy the All Social Bundle plan to get access to all of these apps for N50 per day and N100 per week and N250 per month. You can also buy a special plan to only stream on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok for as little as N100.

Subscribe to Social Mega Bundles for great prices. You can get 750MB for N200 and 1GB for N300. You won’t have to spend a lot of money. You will be able to move your unused data over to a new device during the grace period.

Who can get this deal?

Everyone who is a customer of MTN can use the Social Bundle. During this time, MTN Prepaid customers will be able to use the Social Mega Bundle.

How do I sign up for MTN’s social media bundle?

To subscribe to MTN’s social media bundle, dial *131*3*6# or send the keyword of your preferred All Social Bundle to 131. You can also send the word “All Social” to 131.

I want to stop the automatic renewal of any of the social bundles, but I don’t know how

You can stop MTN from automatically renewing your service by texting STOP+keyword to 131 for one Social Bundle and NO+keyword for other bundles. You can send STOPWCM to 131 to stop the WeChat monthly plan (Beta Talk Customers Only). As an example, NOSDM to 131 for 3 Days Social Mega Bundle and NOSDW to 131 for Weekly Social Mega Bundle, for example

How do I find out how much money I have left in my Social bundle account?

To check your MTN Social Bundle balance, please dial *131*4#. Once you do this, your social media bundle balance will show up on the screen of your cell phone.

A list of Glo USSD Codes that you might also be interested in:

The price of the MTN Social bundle is how much a month costs.

If you want to buy a single Social Bundle (GoodyBag), the price is:
Plan for the day: N25
Plan for the week: N50
Month-to-month: N150

There is a Social Bundle for all of them.
Plan for each day: N50. For each week, plan for: N100.
Month-to-month: N250

Every day plan: N100

For the WhatsApp and Facebook Bundle
Every day: N25. Every week: N50. Every month: N100.

For the Social Mega Bundle, you need to have a lot of money.

Weekly plan: N300 – N200 for 3 days.

Q: Will my subscription come with a certain amount of data?

A. You can, but there is a fair use policy that follows.

For a single Social Bundle, this is how much it costs:
Plan for the day: 25MB.
A 50MB plan for the week
Every month, I get 150MB.

Instagram Social Bundle has a daily plan that gives you 250MB, a three-day plan that gives you 1GB, and a six-day plan that gives you 500MB.

There is a Social Bundle for all of them.

This is my daily plan: 150MB.
A 350MB plan for the week.
Every month, I get 1GB.

If you just want to buy the bundle with YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, this is the one for you:
This is my daily plan: 350MB.

It only works on BetaTalk for WhatsApp and Facebook bundles.
Plan for the day: 100MB.
A 200MB plan for the week
Every month, I get 500MB.

For the Social Mega Bundle, you need to have a lot of money (Prepaid Customers Only)
750MB for 3 days and 1GB for the week

How to share MTN data and Airtime with your friends and family, and how to do it.

If you have a lot of MTN data, you can transfer some of it to your friends, buy some for them, and ask for some from your friends. *131*Phone number* Data amount# or, text Transferspace> Phone number 131

A friend can buy data for them by calling *131*Bundle Activation Code*Beneficiary’s Phone number#.

Then, ask a friend for help. Simply dial *131*7*3# to see all the requests you have already made. Simply call *131*7*4#.

Please keep in mind that you can only transfer twice a day. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can transfer more than 1GB at a time or in a day.

How do I find out how much my gift bundle is worth?

You will be able to check your data bundle balance through the following:
This is the same as texting 2 to 131. You can also dial *131*4#.

MTN allows you to share and transfer airtime with your friends and family.

The MTN Share and Transfer Airtime lets MTN customers share airtime with other MTN customers right from their own MTN number.

If you want to keep your MTN Share from being used by someone else, you can set up a PIN. Before you start a share, you have to change the default PIN to your own unique four-digit number. It can be done by text message or USSD code.

How do I make an MTN Share PIN with SMS?

It’s easy to send a text message from your phone to 777. Type “0000 Unique PIN Unique PIN” and send it. 0000 is your default PIN. Send the text “0000 0803 0803” to 777. Then 0803 is your MTN Share PIN.

How do you make an MTN Share PIN with a USSD Code?

If you want to change your default PIN, just dial *600*0000*0803*0803#. 0803 is your MTN Share PIN.

It’s also easy to change your MTN Share PIN after you set it up. You can send a text message and use the USSD code *600# to do it. When we change our password, this is important.

Change your MTN Share PIN with SMS and USSD codes.

When you send a text message, write “Current Pin Unique PIN Unique PIN” and text it to 777. ‘0803 0703 0703#’ and send it to 777, where 0803 is your PIN. Then, 0703 is your new PIN.

For the ussd code with MTN, Dial *600*Current PIN*New PIN*New PIN# to change your PIN. For example, *600*0803* 0703*0703#. Then, 0703 is your new PIN, and you can use it. To change your MTN account password, you can also dial *777*2#, then Current PIN, and then New PIN, and then New PIN, to get the new password. Share this pin.

How do I move Airtime on MTN Share?

There are five ways to start with MTN Airtime transfer. You can choose the one that works best for you.

1. Type “Transfer MTN Phone number Amount PIN#” in a text message and send it. Send 777 the number 08060000000 500 0099# to make a payment. Send “Yes” to 777 to make sure the deal went through. This sends N500 from your MTN line to the number 08060000000.

2. Type in *600*08060000000*500*0099#. This sends N500 from your MTN line to the number 08060000000.

3. Call *777*1#, then enter the recipient’s number, the amount, and the recipient’s PIN number, then press 3.

4. In the myMTN app, go to Sender’s phone number, OTP, Recharge, MTN Share, Amount, PIN, and Proceed.

5. MTN Smart Web: Sender’s phone number, OTP, Recharge, MTN Share, Amount, PIN, Receiver’s MTN Number, and then go.

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