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Concerning MySHSAdmissions Com Gh

• The – SHS Online Admission Site was established to enable prospective SHS students to obtain the Admission Form for the particular SHS into which they have been put through the CSSPS placement portal without having to queue on school grounds.

• The – SHS Online Admission Portal is also intended to assist students in gaining access to admission services such as printing Admission Letters and prospectuses for their various senior high schools.

• When school reopens, all printed applications and paperwork must be delivered in person to the school administration to conclude the admission process.


SHS Online Admission Portal – My SHS Admission Com Gh

How To Register For My SHS Admissions Com Gh

1. To begin, go to www.My.SHS.Admission.Com.Gh.

2. Next, select the “Click here to choose your school” option.

3. Then, from the drop-down list, pick the school to which you have been assigned.

4. Afterwards, enter your JHS Index Number and click the login button to access the portal.

5. Your screen will display a payment window.

6. Following that, select the “Continue to Payment” option.

7. Next, input your payment details and click the “Pay Now” option.

8. Afterwards, choose between Mobile Money, Debit, or Credit Card payment methods.

9. Next, enter your Mobile Money or Credit Card information and click the Confirm button.

10. A text message will be delivered to your phone number with a token; check your message.

and then click “Authorize” and enter it in the text field.

11. If the payment prompt does not appear as specified, dial *170# and check the pending approvals in “My Wallet” to complete the transaction.

12. Finally, authorize payment and input your mobile money pin on your phone to complete the payment procedure.

How To Access My SHS Admissions Com Gh

1. After completing the procedures above, navigate to the SHS Online Admission Portal at www.My.SHS Admission.Com.Gh.

2. After that, enter your JHS Index Number and click the login button to access your My SHS Admission Com Gh Dashboard.

How To Complete The SHS Admissions Online Form On My SHS Admission Com Gh

1. From the My SHS Admission Com Gh – SHS Online Admission dashboard, select the “Complete Personal Records Form” link to begin filling out your SHS Online Admission form.

2. After that, complete the form with your personal and necessary details.

3. Finally, click the “Save Records” button to finish filling out your SHS Online Admission application.

How To Print My SHS Admission Com Gh Online Admission Letter

1. After you have completed and saved your data, you may view and print your admission letter, prospectus, and medical form.

2. To download and print, simply click the print buttons.


What To Do After Submitting An Online Application For SHS Admission

• To begin the admission process, print and send the Admission Letter, CSSPS Placement Form, Your Enrolment Code, and any other things mentioned in the prospectus to the school administration when the school reopens.

• Upon your arrival at the school, you will be subjected to a physical examination at the school’s entrance.

• Following that, your prospectus materials will be examined.

• If you are a border, you will be allocated a home to live in and will be needed to register to get linked with a house.

• Don’t forget to save your registration receipts, as they will be used to acquire products from the school store.

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