New Heritage Bank Cardless Withdrawal Code | How To Withdraw Money From ATM Without ATM Card

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If you’re pressed for time and have forgotten your ATM card. You need not be concerned. This post will demonstrate how to use your phone to get money from an ATM. It’s quite simple, secure, and straightforward.
This cardless withdrawal from legacy bank eliminates the anxiety associated with losing your ATM card. Additionally, you can utilize this way to assist a stranded family member who does not have an ATM card. Adhere to the instructions and email the person the pay code.
Take advantage of cardless withdrawals and online banking. Adhere to the advice provided by legacy bank Nigeria and withdraw cash from an ATM without using your card.


The Advantages Of Using Heritage Bank’s Cardless Withdrawal




• It is simple and secure

• Prevent the loss of your ATM card.

• Assists you in safeguarding your banking information from unauthorized access.

• You may withdraw cash from an ATM without using your card.

• Timely and efficient.

How To Make An ATM Withdrawal Without Using A Debit Card

Before proceeding with the procedures below, ensure that your account has been activated for legacy bank USSD code banking. If you haven’t already, have a look at our guide to Heritage bank mobile banking codes. Then, using the phone number associated with your legacy bank account, follow the procedures below.

• Enter *322*030*8*Amount# in the *322*030*8*Amount# field. To take N10,000 from an ATM, dial *322*030*8*10000#.

• Follow the on-screen steps to generate a pay code.

• You will receive an email containing the pay code.

• Determine the location of the nearest historic bank ATM.

• At the ATM, press 0 and follow the on-screen instructions.

• Enter the pay code that was produced for you ( always 12 digits codes)

• Enter your four-digit pin.

• Enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw. Then wait for your cash to be dispensed by the ATM.


If there is no historic bank ATM nearby, proceed to the next. Enter any bank ATM and push the enter button, then select the pay code and complete the withdrawal process as described before.



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