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Producer of television and movies from Kuwait, Noor. She gained notoriety as a result of her romance with Mick Jagger, who she has since broken up with. She produced Streets of Life, a documentary about homeless people, as her debut film in 2014. She is currently making news because she went out to dinner with Al Pacino, who played Don Corleone in the Godfather movies.

People are now looking for Noor Alfallah. Noor Alfallah: who is she? All information on Noor Alfallah is available.

After a dinner date with AL Pacino, Noor Alfallah sparks dating rumours.

On a dinner date with some friends, Noor and Al Pacino were captured on camera. On the evening of April 9, 2022, she and he were seen together at Felix Trattoria in Venice, California.

When they entered the same car after finishing their meal, romance rumours started to circulate. Their age disparity quickly gained attention on social media when their images appeared online.

Noor Alfallah Age, Biography, and Wiki

Film and television producer Noor Alfallah is highly recognised in the Kuwaiti-American community. Noor Alfallah, her birth name, is well recognised. Her birthplace was Kuwait. She was born on December 2, 1993.

The age of Noor is 28. She is of Kuwaiti and American descent. She studied at the UCLA School of Theater and the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

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Parents (Father & Mother) and siblings of Noor Alfallah

We will learn about Noor Vinci’s parents in this paragraph. The mother of Noor was Alana Alfallah ( Mother ). The identity of her father remains unknown. She had a childhood with her sister Remi Alfallah.

Noor Alfallah’s nationality and ethnicity

Because her mother is American and her father is Kuwaiti, Noor is of Kuwaiti-American ancestry. Her birthplace was Kuwait. She is a dual citizen of Kuwait and the United States.

Noor Alfallah Relationship

Noor has never been wed. The person she is dating is Nicolas Berggruen. Mick Jagger and she had been dating; they parted ways in December 2018. Although they are only close family friends, there were rumours that she dated Clint Eastwood.

Mick Jagger’s ex-boyfriend Noor Alfallah

Mick Jagger, an English singer-songwriter who is also an actor and a producer, had been dating Noor. Through Brett Rater, an American filmmaker and producer, she got to know him.

They first met in 2017 in Paris while Mick was on tour. When Mick was about 73 years old, they first began dating. They split in December of last year.

Alfallah Noor

Height and Weight 5 Feet 7 Inches, 54 Kg

Early Life & Career of Noor Alfallah

At Sony, Noor serves as the vice president of Lynda Obst Productions.

She and Obst are working on two full-length movies.

In 2021, Alfallah and Brian Grazer, the head of Imagine Entertainment, made a deal.

She has contributed to many of Bennett Miller’s productions.

Noor is connected to ICM Partners and Plan B Entertainment.

She created the short film La Petite Mort as she received her degree.

Net Worth of Noor Alfallah

We will now talk about Noor Alfallah’s wealth. She is an American producer who is also Kuwaiti, which explains why she makes a nice living. Her estimated net worth is $1 million.

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