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The National Service Scheme has officially issued PIN codes and rules for National Service NSS Registration to graduates from all accredited tertiary institutions in Ghana, allowing those who have been unable to register for their mandatory national service to do so.

With regards to the NSS Portal’s Dashboard Login


  • Finally, there is the NSS dashboard, which allows you to check and edit your registration details, change your password, track your registration status, read your posting, enter payment information, print your monthly evaluation form, and print your annual evaluation form, among other things.


Access the NSS Portal Dashboard by logging in.


How to Access the Dashboard of the NSS Portal


  1. Go to www.portal.nss.gov.gh.


  1. In the upper right corner of the website or in the menu, look for a “sign in” label.


  1. Select Sign in as a member of staff.


  1. Then, in the email column, enter the email address you used to register, along with your pin code, as your dashboard password.


  1. It is recommended that you update your password by clicking on the link in the left-hand menu of the dashboard and creating a memorable password.





NSS Registration Requirements


  1. National service is only open to Ghanaians aged eighteen or older at the time they complete or acquire their first tertiary education degree or certification.


  1. Identification is necessary during the registration process in the form of a valid National ID Card, Voters Card, SSNIT Card, Passport, or Driver’s License. Notably, a health insurance card is not permitted.


  1. A scanned passport photo with a maximum file size of 1mb is required. Bear in mind that this will be included on the final certificate.


  1. General information about you, such as your name, gender, institution, course of study, date of birth, nationality, email, contact information, region, residential address, Ghana post postal address, guardian information, and next of kin.


  1. You must submit details about your service. This includes information about your current employment status, whether you are on study leave, if you have previously served or had military training, as well as your height and clothing size.


  1. You must enter your preferred method of communication. You must select three regions to which you would want to be assigned in order of preference.


  1. For each of the three regions selected, you must indicate your preference for educational help, business support, or entrepreneurship.


  1. See National Service for a complete list of requirements, norms, and regulations. Regulatory, regulatory, and compliance requirements


A Quick Reference Guide to All NSS Procedures ( Registration To Earning Your Allowance )


  1. The secretariat of the national service issues pin codes.


  1. You must obtain a pin code from the national service portal.


  1. Through the national service portal, you must pay to activate your pin code.


  1. Next, you must register (enroll) online for national service.


  1. A few days after enrolment, NSS positions will become accessible.


  1. You then conduct a search for NSS postings on the national service portal.


  1. Finally, print the letter of appointment.


  1. The appointment letter must be delivered to the institution to which you have been assigned in order for it to be approved.


  1. Following endorsement, you must schedule an appointment for regional validation and approval through the national service website.


After validation, you must complete biometric registration.


  1. After biometric registration and the first few days of service, you will be required to login to your dashboard and give your ezwitch card information for payment.


  1. You would be expected to print your evaluation form by the middle of each month, have it signed by your institution’s supervisor, and send it to the regional office by the 15th of each month.


  1. At the conclusion of your national service, you must print an annual evaluation form from your NSS dashboard, submit it to your supervisor for completion and stamping, and then mail it to your regional national service office.


  1. Once your national service is complete, you can request your certificate online and have it shipped to you.


Registration for the NSS via the NSS Dashboard


Create an NSS PIN Code in Step 1


To begin the process of NSS registration, you must generate your NSS pin number and pay for its activation.


To begin, navigate to portal.nss.gov.gh/check-pin. Alternatively, you can visit portal.nss.gov.gh and click on the “Check And Pay For Pincode” button.


  1. In the fields provided, enter your index number and date of birth, then click the “Search” button to generate your pin.


  1. A summary page with your pin number and personal information will subsequently be displayed.


  1. Don’t forget to write down the generated pin code, as you’ll need it to go to the registration page and finish a payment.


  1. Next, select a payment method by selecting the network on which you are now connected, and then enter your registered mobile money number to initiate the registration process.


  1. To finalize the payment, enter your mobile money pin. You’d see a payment confirmation screen and receive an SMS notifying you of the transaction’s completion.


  1. You have now activated your registration pin code.


  1. You can also follow this tutorial to purchase an NSS pincode via MTN’s mobile money platform: How to Purchase an NSS Pincode via MTN.


Step 2: Use Your Pin Code and Index Number to Login


  1. Navigate to portal.nss.gov.gov/registration-signin or portal.nss.gov and click on the “online registration enrollment” button.


  1. After that, enter your index number and the pin code you generated in step one and paid for. Then, in the provided field, enter your birth date.


Step 3: Complete the Identification Methods section.


  1. After logging in, you’ll need to enter your method of identification. This is the unique identification number for your desired id. This may be a voter identification card, a national identification card, a social security card, or a passport; however, health insurance is not acceptable.


  1. The name on your ID card must match the name supplied by your school to the NSS secretariat. If none of the names match, you will be unable to access the following step’s NSS enrollment form. However, there is a workaround. Continue Reading If Your ID Is Rejected During NSS Online Registration.


Complete the NSS Enrollment Form in Step 4.


After giving an acceptable form of identification, the NSS enrollment form would display. Five steps are required to complete the NSS enrollment form.


  1. Enter your applicant information, which includes your name, gender, institution, course of study, date of birth, nationality, email, contact information, region, residential address, Ghana Post postal address, guardian information, and next of kin. You must upload a passport-sized photograph on this page.


  1. The second step is to input your service information, including whether you are now employed, on study leave, have served in the military, or have received military training, as well as your height and clothing size.


  1. The final step is to choose your posting. This is where you select three regions to which you would want to be assigned in order of preference. Additionally, your industrial choice option has three options: educational support, business support, or entrepreneurship. If you’re confused which of these options to choose, continue reading Considerations When Filling Out The Nss Enrollment Form.


  1. The fourth step is to preview your form, which will provide a summary of the data you’ve entered.


  1. Print or save your form as a pdf file as the final step. A congratulations page with your NSS number, pin code, and index number would appear.


  1. For Comprehensive Procedures With Step-By-Step Illustrations Consider This Guide: >>>A Comprehensive National Service Guide


How to Purchase an NSS PIN Code Online through Phone


After using your index number to look for your pin code on portal.nss.gov/check-pin,


  1. Dial the NSS Pin Code payment short code *170# to access the mobile money menu.


  1. Next, select option 2 from the menu (Pay bill).


  1. Next, select option 6 from the menu (General Payment).


  1. Next, enter the payment code, which begins with NSS, followed by the created pin code.


  1. A payment detail screen will emerge, displaying your pin and name, and allowing you to enter the amount. Indicate the sum that corresponds to your service year.


  1. Then, as a reference, enter NSS.


  1. Following that Enter your mobile money pin to make a payment.


  1. A payment confirmation screen will appear and you will receive an SMS confirming payment.


  1. After activating your pin code for registration, navigate to portal.nss.gov.gh/registration-signin to begin.


How to Use the NSS Dashboard to View NSS Postings


Here’s how to check for available national service, NSS positions. Y


  1. To begin, go to portal.nss.gov.gh and click on check posting.


  1. Enter your NSS number and the details about your posting will be displayed.


  1. It might be printed or saved as a pdf.


  1. The NSS Posting Details comprise your national service number, name, institution attended, line of study, qualification, location of posting, year of enrollment, and remarks indicating the status of your appointment.


  1. If no listings are available, a record not found message will appear. However, if you continue to encounter records that are not found after postings are made, please wait a day or two; the record will be posted by then. If the record is still missing after a day or two, contact the head of department at your school to resolve the issue.


You can request a certificate from the NSS using the NSS Dashboard.


The NSS has automated its certificate request procedures, enabling employees who have completed one year of mandatory national service to apply online and have their certificates sent to selected addresses via an accelerated delivery service provided by Delivery Hub Limited (DHL). Consult the guide below for additional information on the procedures for requesting a national service certificate.

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