NSS Portal Dashboard Login 2022/2023

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About NSS Portal Dashboard Login

• Your NSS dashboard is where you will find all of the information regarding your whole NSS.

• It is where you would view and amend your registration details, change your password, view your registration progress, view your posting, enter your payment information, print your monthly evaluation form, and print your annual evaluation form, among other things.

Login to the NSS Portal Dashboard

How to Login to the NSS Portal Dashboard

1. Navigate to portal.nss.gov.gh to access the NSS Portal Dashboard Login.

2. Look for a “sign in” link in the top right corner of the page or in the menu.

3. Select the sign in as personnel option.

4. Enter the email address you used throughout the NSS registration procedure into the email section, and use your pin code as your password to access your dashboard.

5. If this is your first time visiting the dashboard, it is recommended that you reset your password by clicking on the link on the dashboard’s left hand menu and entering a password you can remember.


Requirements for NSS Registration

1. The national service plan is only available to Ghanaians who are eighteen years old or older when they complete or acquire their first tertiary education degree or diploma.

2. A valid form of identification, such as a National ID Card, Voters Card, SSNIT Card, Passport, or Driver’s License, is necessary during the registration procedure. It should be noted that a health insurance card is not permitted.

3. A scanned passport photo of no more than 1mb in size is also necessary. Please keep in mind that this will appear on the final certificate.

4. You must provide your general information, which includes your name, gender, name of institution, course of study, date of birth, nationality, email, contact, region, residential address, Ghana post postal address, guardian information, and next of kin.

5. Your service information, such as whether you are presently employed, on study leave, have previously served, have military training, as well as your height and clothing size, is necessary.

6. You must select three regions in which you would like to be posted, in the order of your selection as Your posting preference.

7. For the three locations selected as Your industrial choice, you must select either educational support, business support, or entrepreneurship in the order of priority.

8. For a complete list of requirements, rules, and regulations, see National Service. Regulation, regulations, and requirements

NSS Procedures Overview ( Registration To Earning Your Allowance )

1. The NSS secretariat issues pin codes.

2. You must visit the NSS portal for a pin code.

3. You must pay to activate your pin code on the NSS portal.

4. You must then register (enroll) for the NSS online.

5. NSS positions will be made available a few days following enrollment.

6. You then search the NSS portal for NSS postings.

7. Finally, print the appointment letter.

8. You must deliver the appointment letter to the institution to which you have been assigned in order for them to approve it.

9. Following the endorsement, you must arrange an appointment on the NSS website for regional validation and approval.

10. Following validation, you must go through biometric registration.

11. Following biometric registration and the first few days of service, you will be needed to logon to your dashboard and provide your ezwitch card details for payment.

12. You would be expected to print your evaluation form by the middle of each month, have it signed by your supervisor at your institution, and submit it to the regional office by the 15th of each month before payment.

13. Upon completion of the national service scheme, you must print a yearly evaluation form from your NSS dashboard, give it to your supervisor to be filled out and stamped, and then return it to your regional NSS office.

14. After completing your national service, you can obtain your certificate online and have it sent to you at home.

NSS Registration Through the NSS Dashboard

Step 1: Create an NSS Pin Code

To begin the NSS registration process, you must produce your NSS pin code and make payment through the NSS portal in order for it to be enabled.

  1. Go to portal.nss.gov.gh/check-pin Or portal.nss.gov.gh and click on the “Check And Pay For Pincode“ Button.

2. Then, in the provided forms, enter your index number and date of birth, and click the “Search” button to generate your pin.

3. Your pin code summary page will be presented, which includes your pin code as well as your personal information.

4. Remember to write down the created pin code, as you will need it to complete a payment before proceeding to the registration page.

5. There would be a payment option choice, where you would have to select the network you are on, then input your registered mobile money number to initiate the registration process.

6. To pay, input your mobile money pin. You’d see a payment confirmation screen and receive an SMS confirming payment.

7. Your registration pin code has now been activated.

8. You may also use this guide to pay for an NSS pincode on the MTN mobile money platform: How to Pay for an NSS Pincode on MTN.

Step 2: Login Using Your Pin Code and Index Number

1. Go to portal.nss.gov.gov/registration-signin or portal.nss.gov and click on the “online registration enrollment” button.

2. After selecting the enrollment button, enter your index number and the pin code you generated in step one and paid for. Then enter your birth date in the supplied space.

Step 3: Fill in the Means of Identification

1. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be sent to a screen where you’ll be asked to input your means of identification. This is the ID number for your preferred id. This could be your voter id, national id, social security card, or passport, however health insurance is not permitted.

2. Your name on the ID card you use must match the name submitted to the NSS secretariat by your school. If none of the names match, you will be unable to access the NSS enrollment form in the following step.

3. For example, if your complete name is Kofi Manu Antwi but the name on the id you submitted is Yaw Smith Yeboah, the system will not allow you to register. But don’t worry, there is a workaround. If Your ID Is Rejected During NSS Online Registration, Continue Reading.

Step 4: Complete the NSS Enrollment Form

The NSS enrollment form would appear after presenting an appropriate form of identification. You must complete the NSS enrolment form as follows.

1. First, fill out your applicant information, which includes your name, gender, institution name, course of study, date of birth, nationality, email, contact, region, residential address, Ghana post postal address, guardian information, and next of kin. On this page, you must upload a passport-sized photograph.

2. Fill out your service information, such as if you are presently employed, on study leave, have previously served, have military training, and your height and clothing size.

3. Then, in order of preference, select three regions to which you would like to be posted. And your industrial preference option has three spaces; you can choose educational support, business support, or entrepreneurship in that order. If you are unsure which of these alternatives to select, continue reading Things To Consider When Filling Out The Nss Enrollment Form.

4. Finally, preview your form to see a summary of all the information you’ve input.

5. The final step is to print or save your form as a pdf. A congrats page would appear, including your NSS number, pin code, and index number.

6. For In-Depth Procedures With Step-By-Step Images Check Out This Guide: >>>All In One National Service Guide

How to Pay for an NSS Pin Code Over the Phone Online

After searching for your pin code on portal.nss.gov/check-pin using your index number,

1. To access the MTN mobile money menu, first dial *170#.

2. Then, from the menu, choose option 2 (Pay bill).

3. Then, from the menu, choose option 6 (General Payment).

4. Next, input the payment code followed by NSS, followed by the pin code you generated on portal.nss.gov/check-pin.

5. A payment detail page with your pin and name will appear, allowing you to enter the amount. Fill in the appropriate amount for your service year.

6. Then enter NSS as the reference.

7. Afterwards To make a payment, enter your mobile money pin.

8. You will see a payment confirmation screen and receive an SMS confirming payment.

9. Now that your pin code is active for registration, go to portal.nss.gov.gh/registration-signin to get started.

How to View NSS Postings on the NSS Dashboard

Here’s how to check for NSS postings when they become available.

1. Navigate to portal.nss.gov.gh and select check posting.

2. Enter your NSS number, and the details of your posting will be revealed.

3. It would be possible to print it or save it as a pdf.

4. Your national service number, name, institution attended, course of study, qualification, place of posting, year of enrolment, and remarks indicating the status of your appointment are all included in the NSS Posting Details.

5. If listings are not available, you will notice record not found. However, if you still notice record not found after postings are made, wait a day or two; it will be posted by then. If you still find record not found after a day or two, contact your school’s head of department to rectify the issue.

On the NSS Dashboard, you can request a certificate from the NSS.

The NSS digitized its certificate request procedures, allowing personnel who have successfully completed the one-year required NSS to apply for their certificates online and have them sent to specified addresses via an express delivery service offered by Delivery Hub Limited (DHL). Check out the guide below for more information on the national service certificate request procedures.

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