NTC announces selection criteria for Ghana Teacher Prize 2022


  • NTC announces selection criteria for 2022 Ghana Teacher Prize | Check all the details in this write-up.
  • The NTC selection criteria for the 2022 Ghana Teacher Prize is made up of 8 key areas.
  • The nomination of teaching staff can be done under one of the following criteria: Self-nomination School nomination, PTA of School nomination, Community nomination, and Union nomination.

Following the upcoming 2022 Ghana Teacher Prize event to recognize the most outstanding teaching and non-teaching professionals, the National Teaching Council (NTC) has released the selection criteria and eligibility for the teacher prize.

According to a blog post seen by EducationWeb, the award is accessible to all professionally educated instructors who are presently working in the pre-tertiary education field (both public and private) and have taught for at least five (5) years.

Criteria for Selection

According to the NTC, applications for the Ghana Teacher Prize will be reviewed based on a stringent set of criteria in order to choose an exceptional teacher who has made a remarkable contribution to the profession.

The final judgment panel will be looking for proof of:

1. Recognition of a teacher’s accomplishments in the classroom and beyond from students, colleagues, principals, or members of the larger community.

Local/national teaching awards, for example.

2. Using reproducible and scalable creative and effective educational approaches.

For example, by the creative use of technology or non-traditional educational strategies that may be repeated in other classrooms.

3. Obtaining measurable student learning results in the classroom.

For example, through improving student grades and attendance/behavior, students become achievers in the workplace.

4. Ensuring that students get value-based education that prepares them to be global citizens in a world where they will come into contact with people of other faiths, ethnicities, and nations.

For instance, by collaborating with schools in different regions of the community/country and supporting exchange programs. Describe your philosophical approach to incorporating global citizenship into your classroom. What is your definition of success?

5. Extracurricular achievements in the community that serve as one-of-a-kind and outstanding examples of excellence for the teaching profession and others.

For example, media attention, community awards, speeches, and seminars; and participation in local organizations. How do you include members of the community in your classroom?

6. Motivating others to enter the teaching profession. Contributing to public dialogues about the teaching profession via articles, blogs, media engagement, social media campaigns, events, or conferences.

He or she should also be well-versed in educational policy and concerns. For example, you might teach or mentor teachers at your school or in colleges of education/universities. Please provide instances of what you’ve done to improve the position of teachers in the nation.

7. Professional Competence: This involves assessing academic potential and providing excellent service in the individual’s professional field of activity.

8. Personality Factors: These are the social, moral, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the staff that contribute to good manifestations of his/her job as an educator and a role model for the pupils.


Nomination of teaching personnel may be done in the following ways based on competency-based criteria:
1. Self-nomination ii. School nomination iii. School PTA nomination
1v. Nomination by the community vs. nomination by the union

According to the Management of the National Teaching Council (NTC), the nomination portal for the 2022 edition of the Ghana Teacher Prize (GTP), which started on February 7, 2022, will conclude on April 29, 2022.

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