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Olly Stephens Parents: Olly Stephens was a 13-year-old boy whose friends stabbed him to death.


When he left his house on a Sunday afternoon in January 2021, he was killed in a case of manslaughter.

His girlfriend and two other teens lured him in and stabbed him to death with a sharp knife.

Cause of Olly Stephens’s death

When Olly Stephens went outside to meet his friend in the afternoon of January 20, 2021, a terrible thing happened.

Two teenage boys attacked the 13-year-old with a knife in Emmer Green fields, and Olly has been trying to get a girl to go out with him.

All of this happened because of a fight on social media. Two boys and a girl planned to kill Olly Stephens because of the fight.

In terms of how he died and why, Olly’s murder scenario would be called “Social Media Murder,” and it would be shown on TV.

Parents and siblings of Olly Stephens

Olly Stephens was born to Stuart Stephens (father) and Amanda Stephens (mother) (mother). The thing that happened to their child put them in a tough spot and broke their hearts.

Amanda and Stuart Stephens, Olly’s parents, said, “Things have to change.”

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Nationality and race of Olly Stephens

Coming from England Stephens is a British citizen. His background is white.

Wikipedia, Age of Olly Stephens

In 2008, Olly Stephens was born. He was born and raised in England, which is part of the United Kingdom. When he died, he was only 13 years old.

He was a very smart high school student who was also good at other activities.



Girlfriend of Olly Stephens

Stephens might have been single when they were talking about his girlfriend.

How Tall and Heavy Is Olly Stephens?

Stephens is about 5 feet and 5 inches tall, and he weighs about 55 kg.

How to Ask Questions About Olly Stephens

Who exactly was Olly Stephens?

Olly was a teenager whose friends stabbed him to death.

Who is Olly Stephens’s mom and dad?

Olly’s parents, Stuart and Amanda Stephens, gave birth to him (mother).


Q: Olly Stephens was how old?

When Oly died, he was only 13 years old.

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