Online MBA in Tourism & Hospitality

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The Online MBA in Tourism & Hospitality teaches professionals in this sector an overview of the changing demographic profile and trends in consumer demands, and the ability to adapt to these changes in order to meet customer expectations.

In addition, this MBA in Tourism & Hospitality touches on the rapidly growing role of social media, its ability to significantly influence consumer perception, and how to harness social media platforms to gain a competitive advantage, and extract the full potential from online communication.

Understand how to identify new growth markets in this Online MBA in Tourism and Hospitality, create marketing strategies to capture emerging markets, overcome distribution challenges and amend supply chains and operating patterns to succeed. Furthermore, build a deeper knowledge on sustainability and its growing demands on the responsibilities of Tourism & Hospitality organisations.

Scope of MBA in Tourism?

After successfully completing the course, the MBA in Travel and Tourism graduates have good opportunities in airlines as working in the flight or on the ground staff. They can also get employment options in areas like Hotels, Transportation, Travel and tour companies, Academic institutions, etc.

The Highest Paid Job In Hospitality

Highest Paying Hospitality Jobs include;

• Food and Beverage Director.

• Executive Chef.

• Sommelier.

• Flight Attendant.

• Executive Pastry Chef.

• Event Manager.

• Massage Therapist.

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