Pardeep Gawande First Wife, Divorce, Tina Dabi Fiance, Age, Children

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Pradeep is a member of the IAS. In 2013, he passed the UPSC exam from Maharashtra. He is a medico as well.

He is the director of Rajasthan Cadre’s Archaeology & Museums. He is Tina Dabi’s fiancé.

After divorcing their spouse, Tina Dabi and Pradeep will wed once more.

Here, we talk about Pardeep Gawande’s first spouse. Who was the first spouse of Pradeep Gawande?

First Wife of Pradeep Gawande

People are curious about Pradeep Gawande’s past relationships and his first wife, but we’re sorry to inform you that there is no information available online about his first marriage.

Before becoming engaged to Tina Dabi, he was married to another lady, although Pradeep never disclosed the names or occupations of his ex-wife.

You may find out everything about Pardeep Gawande’s first wife, divorce, engagement to Tina Dabi, age, children, and more on this blog.

Divorce of Pradeep Gawande, IAS

Prior to being Tina Dabi’s fiancé, Pradeep was married, but he hasn’t said why he decided to divorce his first spouse.

Tina Dabi’s partner

Pradeep Gawande, an IAS officer, is Tina Dabi’s fiancé. The joint secretary of Rajasthan’s finance division is Tina Dabi.

Age of Dr. Pradeep Gawande

Pradeep Gawande was born on December 9, 1980, in Maharashtra, India, making him 39 years old today. He practises Hinduism as his faith. The fact that he was born on December 9 gave him the astrological sign of Sagittarius.

Kids of Pradeep Gawande

There are no children from Pradeep Gawande’s first marriage. He is not endowed with any offspring.

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