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Here is How to Easily Pass Ghana Police Service Aptitude Test:

Ghana Police Service Past Questions

The Ghana Police Service Aptitude test are scheduled to take place on Saturday 30th October.

Applicants who have successfully undergone the screening exercise for the GPS recruitment are to expect an SMS between Thursday and Friday containing the exact aptitude test date

The Aptitude test for the GPS are going to be set in a similar format. Applicants will be tested based on:

  • General knowledge
  • Numeracy  & Arithmetic reasoning (Maths, logical reasoning, symbols, and patterns)
  • Literacy knowledge

How To Easily Pass Police Service Aptitude Test

For you to pass the test, you must be much acquainted with questions from the above sections.

How To Pass General Knowledge questions

The General Knowledge questions are mostly asked to test the applicant’s understanding of the respective field (Police, GPS) and the current affairs of the country.

Most of the questions coming from that sections can easily be gotten from the various service official webpage. Questions such as:

  • What are the Objectives of the service (GPS)?
  • State Some Functions of the Service?
  • Can You state the Visions, Mission, and Core Values of the service (GPS)?
  • What is the  Service Chain of command?
  • When was the  Service established?
  • Who Was The First Commander Of the Service?

Are highly anticipated when it comes to the general knowledge aspect of the aptitude test.

How To Pass Numeracy  & Arithmetic Reasoning

The Numeracy  & Arithmetic reasoning (Maths, logical reasoning, symbols, and patterns) questions come from simple mathematics questions with word problems questions being dominant.

The service will like to test the thinking ability of the applicants and how they’ll be able to apply that to solve critical issues if recruited.

How To Pass Numeracy  & Arithmetic Reasoning

Literacy questions are to test the candidate’s ability to read and understand a situation at hand. Under the literacy section, candidates may be presented with a passage and asked to deduce the meaning from such a passage.

Candidates’ comprehension, grammar, and concord are also tested areas when it comes to the literacy part of the service aptitude test.

So for you to pass the aptitude test, you must have a sound understanding of questions from all three sections of the test.

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