Push Button Profits Review: SCAM OR LEGIT?

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Before you daydream about pushing a button to get rich. Push button profits: Scam or not?

Push-button profits let you make money from home while you relax. The platform promises financial freedom and instant millionaire status with the push of a button.

This publication explains push button profits, how it works, and how to profit from it. You’ll learn if it’s a scam app with empty promises.

Push Button Profits legit?

No! The company is designed to steal money from its users and has shady terms of service, requiring personal information like utility bills and driver’s licences. Identity theft can result from sharing personal information.

The website uses lies to mislead users into buying more. On the website dashboard, you can see how fast people are selling products, and we all know how hard that is.

The website claims you can make money by pushing a button after signing up, making it seem like you can relax and let your money work for you. In reality, you must make more purchases, find referrals, etc. before making money from the website.

Users who don’t like the website’s terms of service can’t get a refund.

Push-Button Profits Overview

People can make thousands of dollars by clicking on the push button profits website. The simple, single-page website allows you to join one of the largest affiliate marketing and MLM websites in the world.

The platform is called Traffic authority, and you must pay a starting fee and upgrade your membership as you progress. You must have $50 before using the push-button website to make money.

Affiliate marketing, MLM, etc. You’ll understand the website’s purpose and how to benefit. Newbies may be wary of paying up to $150 to join a website to make money.

The website boosts traffic for brands, businesses, and websites and empowers people to refer business owners, website and blog owners, and other money-seekers to it.

Most push button profits members want more traffic for their businesses, according to statistics. Others use the referral programme to make money.

More traffic boosts sales, online presence, etc. for a business, brand, or website. This is why business owners want website traffic.

Possible Push Button Profits Earnings

The website’s page description makes making money seem easy. Pushing a button to make money sounds fake.

The platform provides traffic solutions to online business owners with a click. As a business or website owner, you can earn money when someone buys through your downline.

Starter or premium packages are available. For example, you may choose to kick-start your journey by trying out the starters package which cost less than #50. You’ll have to sell traffic-boosting packages like email address capture, traffic roaming, etc.

People without brands or websites can use the platform. Your chances of losing money through the website outweigh your chances of making money, but it’s worth a try.




Traffic Operations

Push button profits offers traffic boosting packages, but you must understand how traffic works. You can redirect platform traffic to your funnel or website.




Traffic isn’t free. The website charges $1 per unique click, so you’ll need $500 to get 500.

The platform doesn’t specify the source of its traffic, and there’s no way to verify if it’s not random bots. This has people worried about the platform’s credibility. Many websites offer similar services but lack credibility.

Anna boosted her skincare business with a push-button profits website. She wanted to grow her business by reaching a large audience. She spent over $2,000 to boost sales. Anna was disappointed that her website had over 1,000 visits but no sales.




85% of people redirected to Anna’s website by push button profits are unlikely to buy a skin care product soon.

Maxwell sells discounted phone and laptop accessories. He tried using the platform to generate traffic to his sales page and hopefully get more customers. Maxwell never got a lead from the platform despite the high demand for phone and laptop accessories.

Push button profits-related traffic is a fallacy and shouldn’t be trusted. Less than 20% of traffic generated is from real people.




It is often best to test the credibility of the website you choose to generate traffic. Before paying, use the website’s free trial. You can learn how a website’s free trial traffic works and what to expect when you buy it.

Push Button Profits




Push button profits’ training programme makes making money easy. You’ll understand digital marketing and can apply it to the website.

The website lets users sell products to make money. Traffic authority commissions are mouthwatering.

The website lets you earn passive income without much work. When someone you referred buys traffic authority products, you could earn $10+ per month.




Imagine earning $10+ monthly from 50 people. You’re expected to earn $6,000 a year from referring 50 people, and there’s no limit to how many you can refer.

If your referral buys a traffic academy membership, you could earn $35+ per month. Using the analogy, you could earn over $21,000 annually.

You only get commissions after making a purchase. You can’t get commissions on unsold products. If you haven’t bought the traffic optimizer products you referred, you won’t receive a commission until you do.




It’s often recommended that you purchase the product. This will help you understand the product and convince others to buy it.

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