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Were you looking for how to open an Access account on the web? In this article, I will show you how to open a bank account. This page tells you what you need to do to open an account with access bank.

This tutorial was made to teach you everything you need to know about opening a bank account. If you don’t have a bank account, this will help you avoid the stress of going to the bank to open one. You can open a bank account with your phone.

In this article, I want you to read it all the way through, so that you don’t miss anything. There are many ways to open a bank account without going to the bank.

How to open Access bank account



Here are the steps to open a bank account with Access Bank. In this method, there is no need for the internet. Make sure you have a phone with a sim card that you want to use.  Then, follow the steps below to open a bank account with ussd codes.

Dial *901*0# on your phone and follow the on-screen instructions to get help.
Enter your first name as asked, then click send.
Make sure your last name is correct before you send.
When you’re done registering, follow the screen prompts to finish.
Don’t forget to give us a valid e-mail and phone number as well as your date of birth, home address, and other information.
If you have signed up for BVN, you can also link it.
Please make sure that all of your information is correct before you sign up for the class.
You will get your account number right away after you finish the steps. You can now get money with your account number.
Any time you want: You can go to any branch of Access bank to update and check your information, any day of the week.
Online account opening at a bank ( Via Internet Banking)

You can open a bank account online. This method needs to be connected to the internet. Select the type of account you want to make here ( savings, current or business) is where you can go to open an account online.
You should make sure that you fill in your correct information on each page before you click “submit.” Check to see if the information you gave is correct again, and then make sure it is.
If you need to give us your real email address, phone number, home address, or other important information, do so.

Requirements for opening a bank account with Access Bank

Below are the steps you need to take to open a different type of Access bank account.

For Individual Current Accounts:
It has been filled out to the letter (including signature mandate section).
There were two reference forms that had been filled out completely and sent back.
A way to prove who you are, like a National Identity Card, Driver’s License, International Passport, or Voter’s Card KYC A record of the customer
Valid proof of where you live.
The report of a visit
BVN is the name of the organization that signed the letter (or signatories)
Assessment of the risk of AML
There is only one passport picture.
N10,000 (cheque/cash) must be put down at the start.

Some things you must do to get money right away. One form with all the signatures needed to open an account.
Clear the two passport photos on the screen.
ID cards like a national ID card, a drivers license, or a voters card aren’t needed to show that you are who you say you are.
There is no need to check the address.
You need to have your BVN.
Assessment of the risk of AML
Customer data does not need to be checked.
Some things you must do to get money right away.

A properly filled out application form with the correct signatures ( available at bank marketing section)
Clear passport picture ( at least two)
People who need copies of their IDs, like their driver’s license or passport, national ID card, or voter’s card, should bring them with them.
Birth certificate with a letter from the local government.
KYC The customer needs to be documented.
Valid proof of where you live.
The report of a visit
You need to have your BVN.
Assessment of the risk of AML

You can go to a branch of Access bank and ask for a form for the type of account you want. Make sure you do it right and don’t make any mistakes. Submit the form and follow the instructions to finish it.



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