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A well-known social worker from India named Safeen Husain founded the nonprofit organisation Educate Girls.

Girls from rural and educationally underdeveloped parts of society can benefit from Safeena’s assistance in their education.

Biography and Wiki of Safeena Husain

Safeena Husain, a social activist, was born on January 21, 1971. She was born in Delhi, India, and reared there.

When it comes to her schooling, she received a BSc in economics and history from the London Faculty of Economics and Political Science.

Later in 2015, she attended Harvard University to study the strategic perspective.

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Husband of Safeena Husain

Recently, Safeena Husain got married. She wed Hansal Mehta, a well-known Indian director who had been her longtime companion.

In San Francisco, California, they were united in marriage in a modest, intimate ceremony.

Age and biography of Safeena Husain

Safeena, who was born in 1971, is 50 years old right now. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius since she was born in January.

Parents and siblings of Safeena Husain

Yusuf Bakshish Husain, an accomplished Indian actor, was the father of Safeena Husain. She does not have a mother.

Protected Husain Size and Weight

There is no mention anywhere of Safeena Husain’s height or weight.

Nationality Safeena Husain

Safeena was born in Delhi and is a citizen of India.

Safeena Husain Career

Long ago, Safeena Hussain started her career. She founded the non-profit group Educate Girls.

Under her direction, “Educate girls” introduced the first Development Impact Bond for education ever created.

Safeena was chosen by the Asia Society in 2011 as one of the Asia 21 Young Leaders.

The income of Safeena Husain

Since Safeena is a highly respected social worker, she has amassed a net worth of Rs. 1 crore.

Concerning Safeena Husain FAQ

What is Safeena Husain’s name?

Ans. Safeena Husain is a social activist from India.

Who is Safeena Husain’s spouse?

Hansal Mehta and Ans. Safeena Husain were married.

3. What is Safeena Husain’s age?

Safeena Husain has been alive for 50 years.

4. From what country is Safeen Husain?

Safeena Hussain was born in India’s capital city of Delhi.

What country is Safeena Husain from?

Safeena Husain is a citizen of India.

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