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Samantha Ressler is a producer and an actor from the United States. Her roles in Home Again (2017), This Is The End (2013), Nobody Walks, Miles Awary, and American Dream have made her well-known (2021). She is most known for her outstanding roles in Modern Family and Home Again. She founded “wethewomencollective” production with another woman.

Samantha Ressler’s Parents and Ethnicity are currently being sought after by her followers. Who are the parents of Samantha Ressler? All of the information is available below.

Parents and siblings of Samantha Ressler (Father and Mother’s Names)

United States citizen Samantha Ressler was born in New York, New York. She was Ali Ressler’s child ( Mother ). Her father’s name has never been made public by her. She had a childhood with her younger sister, Zoe Ressler. “Mom & Dad celebrating 33 years of marriage,” she captioned a photo on Instagram.

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Ressler, Samantha Nationality and Ethnicity

Samantha is of white ethnicity. Samantha Ressler is an American citizen because she was born and raised in New York, New York.

Samantha Ressler’s biography and wiki

United States citizen Samantha Ressler was born in New York, New York. “Samantha Ressler” was her given name at birth in 1995. She completed her high school education at a high school in New York. She received her diploma from the prestigious institution in New York. She is of American descent.

Samantha Ressler’s age and history

The age of Samantha Ressler is 27. It is unknown what her zodiac sign and religion are.

Husband of Samantha Ressler

Married Samantha Ressler has one child. Her husband is Jason Borg. In 2021, she fell in love with him, and after dating for 13 months, they were married.

Ressler, Samantha Size and Weight

Samantha Ressler is 68 kilogrammes tall and 5 feet 4 inches wide.

how much Samantha Ressler is worth

Since Samantha Ressler is an American actress and producer, her net worth is excellent. Her estimated net worth is $1.5-2 million.

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