Secretary General commends hardworking and committed staff of AfCFTA Secretariat

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Wamkele Mene, Secretary General of the AfCFTA Secretariat, has praised his management and staff for their hard work and support throughout 2021, which has resulted in the Secretariat’s seamless launch.

“I’m very happy that we have the best and brightest Africans here at the Secretariat; in the midst of the pandemic, where there is a great deal of uncertainty, we have been able to deliver on our mandate and fully discharge and exceed expectations of what a very young secretariat is capable of doing,” he said at an end-of-year cocktail event in Accra.

The Secretary General was unequivocal that the Secretariat’s remarkable service performance so far has raised expectations for the Secretariat to deliver on its duties in the near future.

“This demonstrates the continent’s very high expectations of us, and for that matter, we must continue to redouble our efforts every year so that we do not disappoint the millions of Africans who are counting on the Secretariat to put our continent on the path of sustained growth over the next decades that we will be pushing this agenda.”

Wamkele Mene acknowledged the implementation of a fully functioning dispute resolution process under the AfCFTA as one of the Secretariat’s most notable achievements to date.

“The dispute resolution process, which is now fully functioning, is one of our triumphs and a very significant cornerstone of the AfCFTA.” That, I think, would be one of our signature successes as a secretariat.”

He added that the dispute resolution system would offer stability and predictability to African trade and reflect Africa’s commitment to trade law.

“We will do all we can to completely execute it; we also want to show the world that as Africans, we are dedicated to being governed by our own trade law regulations.”

He said that the AfCFTA would build on the achievements of the World Trade Organization and other Regional Economic Communities in Africa and beyond, as well as learn from their shortcomings.

“The AfCFTA aspires to learn from the WTO’s and other regional economic communities’ faults and triumphs throughout the globe.” The AfCFTA is the sole legally binding venue for the settlement of trade and investment disputes.

The Ambassadors and High Commissioners of Africa Union member states joined the AfCFTA Secretariat personnel for a night of wonderful music, networking, and cocktails.


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