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Sonya Mulkeet is a social activist, used to teach school, and is one of the people who started the project nightfall. Sonya was born in India, but she is an NRI who lives in Singapore. So, when it comes to her nationality, Sonya Mulkeet is both Indian and Singaporean.

Her boyfriend Agan Hare asked her to marry him not long ago. Sonya sent Agan a beautiful photo through Instagram.

In this blog, you can find out about Sonya Mulkeet’s nationality, religion, husband, net worth, parents, origin, ethnicity, and more.

Nationality and Religion of Sonya Mulkeet

Her parents brought her into the world in India. She takes part in all Hindu holidays, such as Holi, Diwali, and Rakhi. When it comes to her race, she is a mix of Indian and Singaporean.

She is a member of the Project Nightfall team, which is a group that uses its channels to raise awareness and spread information.

We haven’t talked about Sonya’s religion yet, but we will soon.

Sonya Mulkeet Boyfriend, Agan Hare

Agan Hare is a YouTuber and a big deal on social media. Project Nightfall is another name for him. He is well-known on social media, and he has a lot of people who follow him. Sonya’s Instagram post says that they have been together for more than two years.

Parents, Family, and Birthplace of Sonya Mulkeet

The names of Sonya Mulkeet’s father and mother are not given. Her mother was the only one who raised her. She was born in India and moved to Singapore when she was older.

Sonya Mulkeet’s race and country

Sonya Mulkeet is of Indian and Singaporean descent. She is a citizen of England.

Sonya Mulkeet How tall are you? Sonya Mulkeet is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. We don’t know what she weighs.

Sonya Mulkeet Instagram

Sonya Mulkeet’s Instagram account, which she runs under the name @sonya mulkeet, has 74.6k followers.


FAQ About Sonya Mulkeet Q.1 Who is Sonya Mulkeet?

Sonya Mulkeet is a social activist, a former teacher, and one of the people who started the project nightfall.

Q.2 How old is Sonya Mulkeet?

Answer: Sonya Mulkeet is 23.

Q.3: What country does Sonya Mulkeet come from?

The answer is that Sonya Mulkeet is English.

Q.4: What kind of people is Sonya Mulkeet?

Sonya Mulkeet is of Indian and Singaporean background.

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