The Best Senior High School (SHS) from Each Region

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A research business, AB Review, has come out with a list of the finest Senior High Schools in each of the 10 areas in Ghana.
The rankings were done based on statistics about the schools’ results in the past five years. While research does not answer the issue of which school is the greatest nationwide, it informs us the finest schools in each location.
Key among the metrics utilized by AB Review were the number of students with pass marks from A1 to C6, as well as the best average percentile of students relative to the number registered for the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in the previous five years.

Below are the Best Schools in each of the 10 regions in Ghana.

1. Greater Accra – Presbyterian Boys Senior High School

The school handily topped all challengers in the city after averaging an 82.22 percent pass rate, with St. Mary’s, Achimota Secondary School and Accra Academy all falling behind.

2. Ashanti Region – Opoku Ware Senior High School

They emerged as the finest school in the Ashanti Region after shockingly brushing off competition from neighboring Prempeh College. Opoku Ware averaged a 92.52 percent pass percentage.

3. Eastern Region – St. Peter’s Senior High School

They made short work of Saint Roses Senior High, Pope John Senior High and Koforidua Secondary Technical to emerge as the best school in the Eastern Region with an average pass rate of 87.45 percent .

4. Volta Region – Bishop Herman Senior High School

The likes of Mawuli Senior High, Ola Girls and Keta Senior High were were left trailing, with Bishop Herman grabbing a match to the crown with an average pass rate of 65.02.

5. Western Region – Archbishop Porter Girls’ Senior High School

For some years now, the girls school has dominated the region, and their average pass rate of 79.04 percent has maintained that dominance.

6. Central Region – Wesley Senior High School for Girls

They have been the greatest in the Region for a long time, with their pupils consistently earning some of the highest marks in the country. Their average pass rate of 90% distinguishes them from the competition in the Region.

7. Brong-Ahafo Region – Senior High School of James Seminary


With an average pass rate of 99.22 percent, the school emerged as the top in Ghana, confirming their status as the finest in the Region.

8. Northern Region – Senior High School of Ghana

The school narrowly won the Region with an average pass rate of 68.38 percent.

9. Notre Dame Seminary Senior High School – Upper East Region

The school is recognized as the best in the Region, with an average pass rate of 81.29.

10. Upper West Region – Seminary of St. Francis Xavier Jr.

They topped the Region with an outstanding 94.19 percent pass rate, ranking them second in the country.

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