The fantastic Johan Cruyff Arena

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Johan Cruyff is considered to be one of the greatest players of all time. Numerous tributes to him have been paid prior to his retirement, and they have continued following his death in 2016. Fans can access the site at gh for stalking in Ghana in order to wager on the very best of Dutch football.

One of the tributes paid to the late Johan Cruyff is the renaming of Ajax’s home stadium in his honor. The Johan Cruyff Arena is a truly magnificent structure. It opened in 1996 under the name Amsterdam Arena. However, in 2019, the facility was renamed in honor of the football legend. The 1xBet Ghana website can be accessed at any time to wager on any of the matches held at this stadium.

The Arena’s History

Amsterdam desired to host the Summer Olympics in 1992. Regrettably for them, they did not win the bid, and the games were instead held in Barcelona. The original concept for what is now known as the Johan Cruyff Arena was for a massive Olympic stadium. It would have included a massive athletic track that would have surrounded the main football field. This also enables members to wager on all aspects of the Olympic games.



Plans were scaled back following Amsterdam’s loss of the Olympic bid. However, the city desired a massive multi-sport stadium. However, interest waned over time.

Simultaneously, Ajax was on the lookout for a new home. The team competed at Amsterdam’s Olympic Stadium and also at the De Meer Stadium. Both of them, however, were extremely small facilities in comparison to the number of fans that Ajax could gather for a match.

Both facilities have a combined capacity of less than 20,000 people. As a result, new plans had to be developed. Additionally, fans can wager on all Ajax and other Dutch teams’ matches on the 1xBet website.

Significant matches

The Johan Cruyff Arena immediately began hosting significant matches following its opening. All games available here can be wagered on via the website Several significant tournaments have been held at this venue, including the following:

The Dutch Eredivisie; Euro 2000; Euro 2020; the UEFA Champions League final in 1998; and the UEFA Europa League final in 2013.

This stadium played host to five incredible Euro 2000 matches, as well as three Euro 2020 matches. Additionally, the fact that it has been selected for multiple European finals indicates that it is one of the continent’s most important stadiums. All of these pivotal football matches are available for wagering on the 1xBet platform.



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