Things You Need To Open A Bank Account At GCB

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You wish to open an account with GCB, but you do not know what is required to complete the application. Or you have difficulty determining the requirements for opening a bank account at GCB.

Then this guide contains all the necessary information to assist you in opening an account with the Ghana Commercial Bank.

Admittedly, we are all aware of how important it is to have a bank account in the modern world, but finding a bank in Ghana that meets the global standard to begin your financial transactions can be more than a challenge.

What Do I Need to Open a GCB Bank Account?

Ghana Commercial Bank offers multiple account types, including a savings account (which is divided into three subcategories), a current account, an investment account, and others.

The requirements for opening an account at Ghana Commercial Bank share a number of similarities, with only a few differences depending on whether the account is for an individual or an organization.

Before you can open a personal account at GCB, you will need the following documents:

Two passport-sized photographs

2. Valid National identification document (passport, Ghana card, voter ID, Driver’s license

3. Proof of residency (utility bill or tenancy agreement letter are acceptable)

4. Evidence of mailing address

Variable initial deposit based on account type

Conditions For Opening A GCB Bank Business Account

For an organization to open an account with Ghana Commercial Bank, the following are required:

Representatives of a company

2. Company’s name

Signature of company representative

4. Initial deposit

5. work permit for the business

6. mailing address of the business

Requirements to Open a GCB Account in Ghana as a Foreigner

Additionally, foreigners who wish to open a GCB account will need the following:

1. Foreigners work permit

Two photographs in passport format

3. evidence of residency

4. Evidence of mailing address

5. Initial deposit

How much does GCB charge for account opening?

The only cost associated with opening an account with GCB is the minimum opening deposit required to activate the account.

If additional fees are incurred, it may be due to the photocopying of documents if the bank’s photocopiers are not functioning as they were when the account was opened.

May I Create A GCB Account For My Child?

The Ghana Commercial Bank offers accounts for all ages. KidiStar savings account is the name of the account that you can open for your child.
This account includes ages up to 17 years old. Therefore, when the child turns 18, you must change the account owner.


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