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The most well-known name in the world of crime and illegal activity was Todd Hodne.

In addition to this, he was renowned as the linebacker for the Pen State football squad that played American football.

Todd was involved in numerous illegal operations, but only a few of them resulted in convictions for rape, murder, and assault.

Here, you might read Todd Hodne’s biography and wiki in its whole. Todd Hodne: who was he?

Crimes of Todd Hodne At Penn State
Rape Judgement:

While still a student at Penn State, Todd Hodne was found guilty of rape and assaulting at least two other coeds physically.

He was detained in 1979 due to his predatory actions, for which he was charged with first-degree rape among other offences.

He was found guilty of two rapes during the court proceeding, and his sentence ranged from seven to twenty-one years in prison.


In addition to being a rapist, Todd Hodne was also found guilty of killing the cab driver in an effort to rob him.

After killing the driver, he fled but was ultimately apprehended by the K9 Unit.

Todd Hodne Age, Bio, and Wiki

On April 23, 1959, Todd Hodne was born. Todd was a native of Wantagh, Long Island, and was born in New York.

Hodne began playing football as a linebacker for the Oyster Bay, New York, school team while he was a student at St. Dominic High School.

He was kicked off the football team after enrolling at Penn State University due to allegations of burglary.

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Tod Hodne’s passing

On April 29, 2020, Todd Hodne passed away from cancer. He had spent the majority of his life committing crimes and being imprisoned.

Parents (Mother, Father) and siblings of Todd Hodne

There is currently no specific information available regarding Todd Hodne’s family history or parents.

Todd Hodne’s Spouse and Kids

Todd Hodne has a wife by his side. There is no specific information provided regarding the person he was married to or the date of their union.

Ethnicity and nationality of Todd Hodne

The ethnicity of Todd Hodne was unknown because it was never disclosed. Since Todd was born in New York, he was an American citizen.

Height and weight of Todd Hodne

According to his psychical measurements, Todd Hodne is 59 kilogrammes and 5 feet 6 inches tall.

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