Types of Gtbank Savings Accounts and requirements

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Bank of Guarantee Accounts of Savings – If you’re looking for information on the different types of Gtbank savings accounts, as well as how to open an account and the requirements, this is the best resource you’ll find.

With high interest and low charges savings and investment accounts, Gtbank allows you to save for tomorrow today. The bank is ranked among the best banks in Nigeria for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it provides a wide range of solutions and services to meet your personal and business needs.

Mortgages, term loans, and corporate borrowing facilities are all readily available…

You can also transfer funds efficiently for school fees, medical bills, life insurance, mortgage payments, utility bills, and FX transactions, among other things. They’ll handle your transfer checklist, no matter how long it is.



Internet banking, GTConnect, and the GTBank Electronic Notification Service are available to Gtbank account holders (GeNS).

You can also get 24-hour banking service through various e-channels, as well as a Personalized Naira MasterCard that can be used for online, POS, and ATM transactions anywhere in the world.

In this post, we’ll go over the different types of Gtbank Savings Accounts in Nigeria, how to open one, and the requirements.

Gtbank Savings Accounts Types

1. GTSavings

This account pays a high rate of interest on your daily balance and comes with a personalised Naira Mastercard for cash withdrawals and online payments.

GTsave Account Opening Requirements

The following documents are required to open a Gtsave account.
1.A completed and signed GTSave account application.
2. Identification (driver’s licence, international passport, national identification card).
3. Take one passport photo.
4. Utility bill from the previous three months

GTPatriot 2

The GTPatriot account is specifically designed for Nigerian military and paramilitary personnel. GTPatriot offers subsidised banking products and dedicated value added services to servicemen and servicewomen in the Nigerian Air Force, Navy, Army, FRSC, NSCDC, and police, among others.

GTPatriot Account Opening Requirements

1.Completed GTPatriot Account Registration Form (Tier 2 and 3 account)
2. One photo for your passport
3. Staff ID card or regulatory ID card
4.Letter of introduction from employer

3.GT Objective

The GT Target was created to help you save toward a specific goal in order to achieve your financial objectives.

Customers who keep their Standing Order deposit for one year will earn 1.15 percent interest per year plus an additional 1% bonus interest.

There is a N500 minimum mandatory standing order, and deposits into the account can be made daily, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually, with no restrictions on standing orders.

Customers who save consistently for six months receive interest every six months. (Any withdrawals made before 6 months will result in you losing the interest rate.) If consistent monthly savings are maintained for 12 months, you will receive an additional 1% interest rate.

4.Account with GTCrea8 eSavers

The GTCrea8 eSavers Account is for undergraduate students aged 16 to 25, and it is designed to help you make the most of your money.

Customers with a GTCrea8 eSavers Account are divided into three categories: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. As a result, each category has distinct operational needs.

5. Smart Kids Save (SKS) (SKS)

The Bank of Guaranty Smart Kids Save (SKS) is a programme that allows parents and guardians to save for their children under the age of 18 while also teaching them about saving. With the young saver as an authorised signatory, SKS can be converted into a regular savings or current account. This will only happen once the Smart kid saver has reached the age of 18.

This type of account allows for the deposit of cheques, draughts, and dividends up to a total of N1,000,000 per instrument. It has a N1,000.00 minimum opening/account balance (One Thousand Naira Only) It also permits the deposit of cheques, draughts, and dividends into the account up to a limit of N1,000,000 per instrument.

There are two types of accounts available for this account:

.SKS (0–12 years old)

SKS Teen (13 to 18 years old)*

* When the Smart Kid reaches the age of 13, an additional account called SKS Teen is created.

Documentation requirements to open Smart Kids Save (SKS)

1. A passport photo of the signatory and the Smart Kid.
2. Each signatory must have a valid form of identification (international passport, national driver’s licence, or national ID card).
3. Monthly utility bill
4. A copy of the birth certificate for Smart Kids.

GTInstant 6.

The GTInstant account is for people who only need a few documents to open an account. Take advantage of the advantages of a banking relationship and get the value you deserve.

GTInstant’s Operation

1.You will receive your account number and Naira MasterCard immediately. To open a GTInstant Account, simply dial *737*0# with your BVN or download GTWorld.
2.You have a N50,000 maximum single deposit limit per transaction and a N300,000 maximum cumulative account balance.
3.The GTInstant Naira MasterCard can only be used in Nigeria.
4. At 1.15 percent, the interest rate is competitive.
5. You can upgrade your GTInstant account to a high-value account by bringing an ID and a utility bill to any of our branches, or by uploading your documents online here.

Fixed and Tenured Deposits at GTBank

The Gtbank Fixed/Tenured Deposits account is a tenured investment account in which a specific amount is invested at a predetermined interest rate and for a predetermined period of time. You have a 30-day minimum and a 180-day maximum tenure, and you have free access to all electronic channels.

How to Open Fixed and Tenured Deposits at gtbank

1.kindly Go to your nearest GTBank branch.
2.Account Officers will fill out a Request Form for you.
3. Begin to increase your capital.

8.Gtbank Account for Calls

The Gtbank Call Account allows businesses to earn higher returns than a traditional savings account. You also have the option of withdrawing your funds with only a two-day notice period.

Open a Gtbank call account with these documents.

1.A properly filled-out application form
2.Copies of acceptable forms of identification (driver’s licence, international passport, 3.national identification card, and any other acceptable form of identification determined by the bank)
only one passport photo
4.Two (2) complete and appropriate reference forms
5.Obtain a copy of the Call Account Opening Form and submit it to any GTBank branch.



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