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Hello, and welcome back to another interesting lesson on how to quickly register for and use UBA Ghana’s internet banking service.

Our way of life is rapidly changing as a result of technological advancements and modernization. The banking industry now uses technology to provide the majority of its services.

Are you surprised that there are no longer any lines at the bank? Yes. This is due to the adoption of online banking.

Today, everyone can bank on the move from the comfort of their own homes, offices, or wherever they are connected to the internet.



The internet has become a new banking hub since it allows you to have complete control over your bank account at all times of the day.

If this is your first encounter with internet banking, it simply refers to banking via the internet or online.

As a result, you must be informed that you will be unable to access the services if you do not have access to the internet. However, how much internet bandwidth is needed to access this service?

You can view your bank account online, make transactions, and many other things.

Who is eligible to sign up for the UBA Ghana Internet Service?

You must meet the following conditions in order to register for UBA online banking services.

You must be a current UBA Ghana customer, which means you must have a UBA Ghana account.
Information about your credit card.

Let’s see how you may register now that you have all of these.

How Do I Sign Up For UBA? Internet Banking Service in Ghana

To register for UBA Ghana’s internet banking service, simply follow the instructions below:

Visit https://ibank.ubagroup.com/ to access the secure UBA Ghana online banking website.
Click the first drop-down menu underneath internet banking in the top right corner.
Choose Ghana from the drop-down menu of nations.
Now select “Instant Self-Registration” and click “OK.”
You will be sent to the UBA Ghana online banking signup page.
Enter the account number for your UBA Ghana account.
Enter your credit card’s first six numbers.
Fill in your credit card’s last four numbers.
Now type in the personal identification number on your debit card (PIN).
Enter the date, day, and month of your debit card’s expiration.
You can input or forget your referral ID if you have one.
Now double-check that all of your account information is correct.
To complete your registration, click Continue.
Complete the UBA internet banking registration process by following the directions on the next page.

That is how you may sign up for internet banking with the United Bank of Africa in Ghana.

The next step is to log in after you’ve successfully registered for the service.

How to Access UBA Ghana’s Online Banking Account

Login to your bank account over the internet.

If you want to log into your UBA bank Ghana internet banking account, follow the instructions below:

Go to https://ibank.ubagroup.com/ in your browser to access the UBA internet banking website.
Enter your User ID in the top right corner of the webpage.
Log in by clicking the Login button.
Your account would open if you submitted the right information.

That’s how simple it is to access your UBA online banking account.

It’s critical to always double-check your account balance following each transaction.

This is a safety feature that allows you to keep track of your account balance at all times.

In Ghana, how can you check your UBA bank account balance online?

If you want to check the balance of your UBA account online, follow these steps:

1. Go to https://ibank.ubagroup.com/ to get started.

2. Log in to your UBA Bank account using your UBA Bank User ID.

3. Go to your online banking account and click Login.

4. Double-check that you used the right user ID.

5. Finally, press the “Login” button.

6. After you’ve logged in, click OK to access account details or pick the account number you wish to check the amount on to see your absence.

This is how you may check the balance of your UBA Ghana internet banking account.

We frequently receive mails from folks who are frustrated because they have forgotten their passwords.

Have you forgotten your password? Allow me to demonstrate how to retrieve your UBA Ghana internet banking password.


How to Recover or Reset the Password for Your UBA Online Banking Account

Here’s how to get your UBA Ghana online banking account back or reset:

Recover Password

Go to https://ibank.ubagroup.com/ to access UBA Ghana’s online banking portal.
Select “Forgot password” from the drop-down menu.
Fill up your User ID.
Continue by pressing the enter key.
To recover your password, follow the instructions on the next screen.

If you’ve followed this procedure, you’ll be able to retrieve your password in less than a minute.

The Advantages and Features of UBA Internet Banking in Ghana

The following are some of the benefits of using the UBA digital banking platform:

At any time, you can check your account balance.
Money can be sent and received in and out of the UBA bank.
Make sure you pay all of your utility bills.
Over a period of time, review your transaction history.

That’s everything you need to know about UBA Ghana’s online banking service.




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