UBA iBanking In Nigeria, How To Register, Requirements, & Login

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Have you ever heard of UBA iBanking in Nigeria? Your assumption may not be too far off the mark, as iBanking is the same as online or internet banking.
The only convenient way to access banking services these days is through online banking.
However, the internet has served as the centre of it all, and this has led to the emergence of numerous digital banking services.

According to statistics, nine out of ten UBA Bank account holders have signed up for iBanking services, allowing them to conduct transactions without physically visiting the bank.

This is due to the fact that UBA iBanking services give you complete control over your bank account. You can now pay your bills, purchase airtime, transfer money, check your account balance, and perform a number of other tasks without having to go to the bank by doing so at the convenience of your home or from anywhere else.

Additionally, you can use it to access your UBA Bank account’s real-time status, get the most recent transaction history, and download your bank statement online.

As a result, if you choose to sign up for the service, you have made a wise decision.

But how do I sign up for iBanking, someone might ask? Discover more by reading on.


UBA Customers of UBA Bank in Nigeria have access to iBanking, a service that gives them complete control over their bank accounts from any location.

They are now able to use their account to conduct a variety of online transactions, such as bill payment, airtime purchases, money transfers, balance inquiries, access to the statement, and many more.

All UBA Bank clients, including those who use corporate and retail banking, have access to it.


The following are the requirements to sign up for iBanking with UBA Bank in Nigeria:

Number of UBA Bank account

2. Details of a debit card

3. A mobile phone that is linked to a UBA account.

Debit Card PIN 4.

You require those items to complete the registration process.

How To Sign Up In Nigeria For UBA iBanking

The steps below should be followed in order to sign up for UBA iBanking in Nigeria:

1. Click here to access the UBA iBanking official website: https://ibank.ubagroup.com/

2. Select your country in the login section on the right side of the page. (Nigeria is typically assumed)

3. After that, select the tab for “Instant Self-Registration”.

4. Select “Retail Banking” and press the next button.

5. After entering your information, you will be directed to the iBanking registration portal.

6. Fill out the first box with your UBA Bank account number.

7. After that, enter your debit card’s “First 6 digits.”

8. Enter your debit card’s “Last 4 digits”

9. Type in the “Debit card PIN” field.

10. Lastly, list the month and year in order of “Expiry date of your debit card.”

11. Press “Continue” now.

Kindly proceed to the next step and set up your profile with your email address and password.

15. If your registration is successful, your email address will be used to send you your iBanking account login information.

How Much Time Is Needed to Register for UBA iBanking?

Once you have entered the correct information for your bank account and debit card, your UBA iBanking account will be created for you immediately.


The iBanking services are free to use, but you will be charged for any transactions you make with your banking account while using them.

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