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The University of Ghana has launched a new and supplementary site that allows students to easily login and execute various academic tasks. As a consequence, it is glad to announce the adoption of a MIS Web portal, which will allow students to login, check results, print results, download schedules, and so on from anywhere and at any time. The site is intended not just for existing University students, but also for potential students who wish to study there. This site allows them to easily print admission letters, follow the status of their applications, and register.

In essence, the UG MIS Portal may be used to get the following information:

Results of Student Exams

Statements from academia

Fees for Students

Request for Residency

Class Schedule

Exam Schedule


Launch your web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.

Visit login for further information.

Choose the Student option.

Enter your student number in the student number field.

You must input a default pin for a pin, and you must modify your pin before logging in.

To update your pin, click the Change Pin button, enter your new pin in the box given, and then click the Change Pin button.

Please double-check that your new pin:

Is made up of 5 numeric digits.

There are no numbers that are the same adjacent to each other.

It does not begin with a zero.

Isn’t a simple number like 12345 or 54321.

If your pin does not meet the requirements given below, you will receive an error notice immediately after clicking the Change Pin button; in this instance, you must try again until your pin is successfully changed.

If your pin is successfully changed, the Change Pin button will take you to the Student iEnabler home page, where you can perform whatever job you choose.

Remember your pin, and don’t lose it.


To begin your registration, go to login.


Step 1: Choose a student.

Enter your student ID and PIN.

Sign in

Step 2: From the drop down option on the left, select Academic Registration.

Step 3: Keep in mind that you must have an accepted admission status for the qualification for which you are registering.

Step 4: Make sure you don’t have any registration limitations, such as Finance, NSFAS, International, and so on. If you have any limitations, your registration will be denied. Before you may proceed, you must contact the appropriate agency and request that the hold be removed.

Step 5: Read and understand the laws and regulations. You will not be permitted to continue unless these are approved. Once you have agreed to the Rules and Regulations.

• Select Add Subjects to a Registration in Step 6

Your qualifying information will be shown.

Choose the qualification code, which is indicated in blue.

Verification Procedure: You can double-check your option and then click Continue if you are happy. The registration fee will be shown.

The final step is:

Congratulations, you have successfully registered.

View, print, or save your registration evidence.


Go to the UG MIS website. You may use any device to access it.

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