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Union bank has transfer code 2022. This reduces tension. This article explains how to utilise Union bank money transfer code. With union bank ussd code, you can transfer money across accounts. Send money to Nigerian bank accounts. With a few codes, you can transfer money without using an ATM or bank slip.
Union Bank ussd codes can be used to buy airtime, mail money, pay NEPA bills, subscribe to DSTV, startimes, etc. USSD allows cardless ATM withdrawals.

This service doesn’t require data or internet. Available to Glo, MTN, 9mobile, Airtel, etc. subscribers.


UBTC 2022 Features

Union bank ussd code for mobile banking allows the following.

• Pay your bills.

• Transfer funds to UBN and bank accounts.

Buy that anniversary or birthday gift.

• Generate a cardless withdrawal pay-code and PIN.

Buy Airtime on all major networks to stay connected.

Check Account Number, Balances, and BVN on the move.


Union Bank mobile banking registration

For Union bank Mobile bank registration and short code. Free *826# registration! *826# registers. First-time dialling registers you. This is done with the account-opening phone number. Start transacting with USSD code.

Union Bank Transfer PIN


This PIN authorises all transactions. Keep your mobile banking PIN safe.

Create a 4-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) Create a transaction PIN by dialling *826*5#.


Transfer Code 2021 Union Bank ( Send money to Other Accounts)

Want to send money to bank customers? Transfer money with Union bank ussd code.

Transferring Money to Union Bank


To send money to a Union Bank account, call *826*1*amount*account number# with your PIN. OR call *826# and follow the on-screen instructions.

Verify beneficiary information. Error in transaction or transferring money to wrong recipient can happen.

2021 Union Bank Transfer Code

Follow the method below to send money to first bank, unity bank, or Gtbank users.

*826*2*amount*account number#

OR phone *826# and choose Bank Transfer. Follow on-screen instructions to complete your transaction.

Union Transfer Fees

When you make transactions, your account gets debited. This entails transferring money.

Each transfer to another bank costs 52.50. Union Bank accounts are free.

Union Bank Balance Check

Union bank account balance dialling codes. Text Bal to 20123 to use this service. You’ll be texted your account balance.


Union Bank Airtime Purchase

Union bank airtime transfer code? The short code for buying airtime from your Union bank account anywhere. Union bank recharge code keeps you talking.

Transfer Limit Union Bank Airtime

You can buy 20,000 (Self & 3rd Party) in airtime every day from your Union bank account. After that limit, you can’t buy extra airtime that day. This means tomorrow.

Self-recharge or top-off

This procedure is used to recharge the Union bank account phone number. Simply dial *826*amount#.

Union Bank Airtime Transfers

Use this procedure to get a third-party union bank recharge code. Recharge non-Union bank phone. Your registered phone number is needed. *826*amount*mobile#recipient

Dial *826# and choose your option to use this service.

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