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Are you looking for Venmo Sending Limits Weekly? I’ve explained all you need to know about the Venmo sending limit in depth in this article.
Venmo is a fierce competitor for the title of greatest payment app in the United States. It pioneered a previously unheard-of concept: a social payment network.
Given that customers are increasingly evaluating payment systems based on their transfer restrictions, it seems appropriate to review Venmo’s transfer limits.

I’ll demonstrate how much money you can transfer with Venmo and how to circumvent it in this section. Additionally, you’ll see how Venmo stacks up against other payment providers, allowing you to determine which is the best fit for you.

What exactly is Venmo?




Venmo is a PayPal-owned social payment software for Android and iPhone. Due to its user-friendly features and layout, it is ideal for transferring and asking money between friends and acquaintances.

While Venmo’s communal feature makes it enjoyable to use, it also poses a privacy issue, as payments are public by default.

When you make a payment using Venmo, anybody with access to the internet may see who you paid, why you paid, and when you paid. The only thing that is guaranteed is the sum you paid.

While that is a privacy disaster, it is irrelevant to our discussion here. Here, we’re just interested in learning about Venmo’s transfer restrictions and how they compare to those of other providers.

What Are Venmo’s Weekly Sending Limits?

Venmo has a few limitations. Additionally, the limit for verified accounts is different from the limit for unverified accounts.

The transfer limitations represent the maximum amount that you may send to another Venmo user during a specified time period.

When you reach your transfer limit, you will be unable to make any more transfers until the restriction is reset.

You’ll learn about the sending restrictions and how long it takes to reset in this section.

Maximum Total Sending Limits:

Overall Combined Sending Limit:
Person-to-Person Payments Authorized Merchant Payments Venmo Mastercard Debit Card Purchases
Maximum Weekly Spending $4,999.99 $6,999.99 $6,999.99
Per Transaction Limit $4,999.99 $2,999.99 $2,999.99

Nota bene: the maximum for person-to-person sending is $4,999.99.


1. Venmo weekly sending limitations that have not been validated

Venmo has varying weekly sending restrictions for confirmed and unverified accounts. When an account holder uploads their data to Venmo to verify their identity, the account is confirmed.

If you haven’t validated your Venmo account, your spending limit will be a meager $300. If you’re serious about using Venmo, you’ll quickly understand that an unverified account is insufficient.

Unlike verified accounts, there is no particular restriction on peer-to-peer or merchant transactions.

2. Venmo’s weekly sending restrictions have been verified.

Once you’ve verified your identity with Venmo, you’ll see a significant increase in your weekly transfer limitations.

A verified account has a weekly transfer limit of $6,999.99. If you make a peer-to-peer money transfer, an online purchase, or use your Venmo debit card to make a purchase, all of these actions count toward your weekly sending limit.

While Venmo allows you to give up to this amount in a week, you cannot send it to a single recipient in a single transaction.

If you’re transferring money to another Venmo user, you’re limited to a weekly transfer limit of $4,999.99. This limit is per transaction, therefore you can reach it in a single transaction.

If you’re sending to a merchant, the per-transaction limit is less generous at $2,999.99, but you may spend as much as you like as long as you don’t over the $7,000 Venmo transfer maximum.

Additional Venmo Weekly Limits

Apart from the limitations associated with money transfers, there are a few additional Venmo-related restrictions.

Are you aware that there is a weekly restriction on the amount of money you may deposit into your Venmo account?

If you’re transferring money from your Venmo balance to your bank account, the weekly maximum on an unverified account is $999.99, regardless of the amount in your balance.

Verified Venmo users have one week to transfer up to $19,999.99 to their bank account. There are fees associated with transferring money from your Venmo account to your bank accounts, but they are modest.

However, you may load up to $1,500 every week into your Venmo account via your bank. While this limit may grow in some circumstances, we do not yet know what those circumstances are.

Additionally, if you possess a Venmo card, you may spend up to $400 every day. Your Venmo card may be used to make ATM withdrawals, retail checkouts, and over-the-counter withdrawals.

When Does Venmo’s Limit Reset?

If you’ve reached your transfer limit and are wondering when you may resume transferring money using Venmo, this section will address your concerns.

Venmo looks back seven days’ worth of transactions to determine if you’ve hit your weekly limit.

For example, if you made a total of $6,999.99 in payments on Monday, you will be unable to make any more transfers until the following Monday.

If you use the Venmo card, the limit is adjusted daily, not weekly. The daily limit resets at 12:00 a.m., in contrast to the other weekly Venmo limitations, which reset based on the date of the transaction.

How to Increase the Weekly Transfer Limit on Venmo

If you have a verified account, there is no way to extend your limit.

Unverified account holders may simply verify their accounts to boost their limitations, but that is almost all there is to it.

While Venmo examines and adjusts user limitations on a frequent basis depending on their activity, we do not have a set process for upgrading your Venmo limits.

If the strict Venmo restrictions do not appeal to you, there are several other options that provide comparable services with more flexible limits.

Simply said, if you’re searching for ‘another social payment app,’ be prepared to put in some effort.



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